Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 14

It Creeps!

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 06, 1990 on CBC

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  • Lucy films a feminist horror film staring Caitlin, Simon, and The Zits.


    "It Creeps!" is my favourite Degrassi High episode. I love how Lucy films a feminist horror flick. I love how she gets Caitlin to star in the movie. And I love how she get Simon and The Zits to be the video. I love how every scene was shot. It was awesome to see Joey, Snake, and Wheel's play other characters. I totally understood how Lucy felt when everyone was laughing at her movie. It was pretty funny even though she wanted to be scary. I loved how the end of the movie grossed everyone out, and Lucy smiles as if she was satisfied with their reaction. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Lucy, an aspiring director, takes her English assignment, and turns it into a new movie she is about the director, It Creeps! A 1st in it's class, a Feminist Horror flick. So of course everyone thinks it's silly.

    I loved It Creeps!! I reminds me of back in High Schhol film and video, making movie projects. That's what I love about Degrassi. IT'S SO REAL!
    In this installment, Lucy wants to make her 1st movie for an English assignment. Her, Alexa, and the twins take Joey, Wheels, Snake, Caitlin, and Simon to Degrassi on a Saturday to film it. No one, of course, is taking this movie seriously. The blood is ketchup, and it takes Snake take after take to get his lines right. Poor Lucy has a meltdown in the hallway during the premiere of It Creeps. That's until she peeks in the door, and sees them reacting to a scene.
    Degrassi impresses audiences episode after episode showing us real life. This is the closest thing to reality TV of the 80's
  • Lucy writes a feminist horror movie and Mr Walfish gives her permission to film it. She gets Simon, Joey, Snake, Wheels and Caitlin to star, and Alexa and Heather help out. Shane shows up and talks to Spike.

    The idea of a feminist horror movie is kinda funny. I get how Joey kept thinking it was "so fake", and it's also funny how Lucy kept saying they "owe" him after the video she shot for them, that she kept changing, because it was sexist, and this is the other end of the spectrum. And that she already snagged Caitlin when Alexa was making herself available? Well, I guess Caitlin was better suited to the character than Alexa; I don't know that anyone wants to kill their boyfriend; even if they're just acting. And then they all laugh at themselves? I think most actors do such. It was good, though, to show Wheels actually being scared. And good to bring Shane back. Shane acted like Spike was still his girlfriend, but he never asked about Emma. It just goes to show that drug use does bring about permanent damage.