Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 14

It Creeps!

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 06, 1990 on CBC



  • Trivia

    • Product Placement: In the opening scene, Lucy is wearing a Skippy Peanut Butter t-shirt.

    • Goof: Lucy is wearing a sweatshirt with cut-off sleeves and hand-drawn lettering on it; these were no longer popular at the time that the episodes originally aired. Her ruffled pants were not fashionable either.

    • Trivia: In Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Lucy refused to make the video for The Zits because it was too sexist; again, in Everybody Wants Something, she objected and made them change it because it was too sexist. However, from the male point of view, Lucy's movie It Creeps! is quite sexist.

    • Goof: The studded belt that Claude is wearing is very much out of style; those were popular in the early 1980s, but were out of fashion by the 1990s.

  • Quotes

    • Shane: You dumb jerk! You should be kicked in the head!

    • Simon: Why would my character all of a sudden want to shower?
      Lucy: Because it's in the script.
      Simon: But it seems real unmotivated.
      Lucy: Can't you just try it anyway?
      Simon: If I don't understand, I can't convey to my audience.
      Alexa: Simon, don't think, ACT!

  • Notes

    • -Shane's back. He waits with Luke until it's time for him to go to special school. The after effects of his accident are evident, especially when he screams at people that they "should be kicked in the head". This will, however, be his final appearance. Bill Parrot makes an appearance on the Degrassi talk show reunion, but his character is played by Jonathan Torrens on Degrassi TNG.

    • Real Life: Anais Granofsky (Lucy) became a director in real life.

    • Last Appearance: This episode is the final appearance for Shane (Bill Parrott) in the Degrassi Series.

  • Allusions

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