Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 7

Just Friends

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 12, 1989 on CBC

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  • Heather likes Wheels, and hosts a party, as a magazine article shows that that's a way to go from just friends to dating. Lucy visits LD in the hospital and finds out bad news. Kathleen, Melanie and Diana have a misunderstanding with Maya.

    It is good for a dating relationship to begin as a friendship, but not all friendships turn to romance. This is a hard lessons Heather has to learn. But it's good to show that she has real desires for that; she's not just Erica's rescue-squad. And also it's good to learn that magazine articles are just guidelines; not meant to be followed by the letter. And it's sad at the end when they're then awkward around each other. There's no follow-up to that either; at least not on Wheels' part. Hey; Snake got invited to the party, but Joey didn't; what's up with that? Well, maybe he was sick when they were inviting; sick like heartbroken over Caitlin. Yeah; Caitlin is the only one not with Kathleen, Melanie, Maya, and Diana. Maybe because she's not a "have-not"; she's with Claude. It's sweet to see Maya's perspective, though, on being different, and how she still has the same desires. It seems, though, Kathleen hasn't learned much from Scott; she still desires a boyfriend who's good looking; though she does put "considerate" at the top of her list. But Diana and Melanie were the ones who saw their brutal fights in Nobody's Perfect; Maya must have been taking longer to get out of class, or trying to connect with Caitlin before she takes off with Claude. They don't talk about that, though; the violence in relationships, but they do take comfort in the fact that they're all in the same boat. Lucy wants to invite Clutch to the party, and one of the twins asks if they're getting back together. Lucy says "maybe, we'll see". Clutch does go, and she stands him up and there's no follow-up to that. And to think Clutch and LD don't exactly like each other. But it's so sweet to see Lucy go back with LD. Kind of making up for the trouble she put her through in the last season. It's so sad to find out about LD's cancer; it is SO traumatic for any girl/woman to lose hair, even though it does grow back.