Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 19, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

Snake and Michelle work together to prepare a project for class, and laugh over what would happen if they just didn't do it, and got kicked out of school. As Michelle goes back to reading her book, Snake looks at her with obvious longing.

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Snake and Michelle come out of class, happy and laughing together over how well their presentation went. Wheels comes up to Snake after Michelle leaves and comments that Snake is interested in Michelle, and should ask her out. Snake says that he likes her too much to ask her out; he's worried about messing things up. Joey shows up and offers the guys a ride home in his new car.

Caitlin checks a restaurant guide out of the library and tells the girls that it's for her parents' 20th wedding anniversary; she wants to take them to dinner someplace really nice. Le Bistro is suggested, and Caitlin says that they used to go there all the time, so it would be perfect, but wonders if it's still open? Maya suggests that they go to check it out at lunch time.

Michelle stands at the window and watches BLT on the football field. Alexa comes up; Michelle says that breaking up with BLT was the best thing that ever happened to her. Outside, Cindy comes up and hugs BLT; Michelle makes fun of her, calling her Bambi, but Alexa says that Cindy's okay. Michelle is shocked that Alexa knows anything about Cindy; Alexa explains that BLT and Simon are best friends, so, of course, she's met Cindy. Michelle says that she has some free time, and wants to know if Alexa wants to do something. Alexa suggests that Michelle join her and Simon at a movie tonight, and Michelle agrees.

Simon, on hearing that Michelle is going to join them at the movie, says that she's a downer, but Alexa defends her, saying that she'd be a downer too, if she found out that Simon were cheating on her. BLT and Cindy come over with great news; Cindy got four free tickets to the Savages concert tonight, and she invites Alexa and Simon to join her and BLT. Alexa and Simon are excited about the concert, until Alexa remembers about the movie and Michelle. Simon suggests that if Alexa just tells her about the concert, Michelle will understand, but Alexa is worried about hurting Michelle's feelings, so Simon suggests that she just make something up to spare Michelle.

Joey, Snake and Wheels get into his car, but it won't start. Wheels asks Snake if he's only going to ask out girls that he doesn't like, then suggests that Snake should ask Michelle out, as she seems to like Snake. Not knowing how to go about asking her out, Snake asks for advice, and Joey recommends that Snake borrow his mother's car, and just happen to drive by while Michelle is walking to school. Snake points out that he doesn't live anywhere near Michelle, and she knows that, so he wouldn't just happen to be driving by, but the guys tell him that he can lie, and say that he was at his grandmother's house; Snake's grandmother lives in Montreal, but Michelle doesn't know that.

Caitlin and Maya go to Le Bistro to check it out; it's still there, and Caitlin decides that it's perfect. As they wait to make reservations, Maya sees Caitlin's dad at a table, and wonders who the woman is that he's with. She suggests that maybe it's his secretary, but Caitlin says that he doesn't have a secretary; they then see Caitlin's dad kiss the woman that he's with, and Caitlin leaves, upset.

At home that night, Michelle gets a call from Alexa, who says that she has to go to her aunt Helen's for dinner, and that they'll see her tomorrow.

Caitlin helps her mom make dinner, and her father comes home, and when asked about his day at work, says it was the same as usual. He says that he was at work all day and didn't go out; Caitlin asks if he went out for lunch and he says no, he was too busy.

Michelle walks to school; Snake drives up tells her he was visiting his grandmother, and offers her a ride. She gets in, and he's in shock that she's really there. He stares at her, and she asks if there's something in her hair? Snake has some difficulty getting the car moving because he's so nervous; he grinds the gears, and then turns on the windshield wipers, before getting the car moving.

Wheels and Joey push his car to school; Snake pulls in to the parking lot. Michelle thanks him for the ride, and he tells her any time. She goes in to the school, and Joey and Wheels ask if Snake asked her out? He admits that he didn't but says that he will.

Alexa and Simon come in talking about how great the concert was. Michelle asks them if they're still on for the movie tonight, and Simon says that he doesn't have much money left after spending so much last night on food and the t-shirt from the concert. Michelle is upset that they went to the concert, and tells them that if they don't want to hang out with her, that's fine, but they don't have to lie. Simon tries to explain by saying that Cindy got the tickets, but that only upsets Michelle more. Alexa says that she lied to spare Michelle's feelings; Michelle says that lying isn't the way to spare her feelings, adding that she was betrayed by her boyfriend and now by her friend. Alexa comments that at least she has a life; Michelle points out that Alexa doesn't have her own life, she does everything with Simon.

Caitlin and Maya talk about Caitlin's dad, and that she didn't tell her mom anything about seeing her dad at the restaurant. Caitlin says that there must be something going on with her dad and the woman; Maya suggests that Caitlin talk to her dad and give him a chance to explain.

Michelle stomps into class and throws her books on the desk. Snake asks her if she'd like to go to a movie or for pizza with him tonight, and she says sure, why not, but doesn't seem happy about it. He arranges to pick her up at 6:30.

Caitlin goes home; her mother is there making a special dinner, but comments that her dad won't be home for a while because he has to work late. Caitlin is upset, and her mother says that she knows that things haven't been great, but Caitlin shouldn't blame her dad, as it's partly her (the mother's) fault as well. Caitlin's dad comes home with flowers and champagne for their anniversary, saying that he didn't really have to work late, he only wanted them to think that. He says that he'll take them both out to dinner someplace nice, and Caitlin suggests going to Le Bistro. Her mother comments that they used to go there all the time, but her dad says that he's heard it's not so good any more. Caitlin tells them that they should go out, and she'll just stay home and do her homework; she leaves them in the kitchen, toasting their anniversary, and goes to her room, where she looks at a family picture and cries.

At the movie theatre, Snake and Michelle are in line for popcorn; Michelle looks like she's about to start crying. Snake asks if she's okay, and if he did something wrong, because Michelle is being very quiet. She snaps at him, asking if they have to talk, if that's a rule? She then says that she shouldn't be there, and she's got a lot on her mind. Snake asks if she's thinking about BLT, adding that he and Michelle dated for a long time. She tells him that she only dated BLT that long because it took her that long to realize that he was a jerk, and her best friend's a jerk too. Snake doesn't know quite what to do, so just tells her that it's okay; Michelle says that she's fine, but then starts crying and runs out of the theatre. Snake, not knowing what to do, watches her as she runs down the street.

Joey fixes his car, and Snake tells them the horror story of his date, saying that 10 minute into the date, Michelle was crying. He comments that he can't do anything right, and he's just going to join a monastery. Wheels points out that Michelle is coming over, so Snake goes to talk to her. Snake apologizes for the date, but she tells him that she's the one who's sorry and it's all her fault. She says that she thought a lot when she got home, and that she's been bottling things up; she's not ready to date for a while, but when she is ready, they can try again. Snake asks if he messed up and she tells him that he was great. Behind them, Joey and Wheels finally get the car started.