Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 19, 1990 on CBC

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  • Alexa tries to deal with Michelle as best friend and Simon as boyfriend, even with BLT being with Cindy now. It backfires. Snake asks Michelle out. Caitlin tries to arrange an anniversary dinner for her parents and find out her dad is cheating.

    This episode hurts. I see Alexa's pain and being caught in the middle. And how she tries to have Michelle with them, even when Simon complains. But I see character development in her due to her telling Simon that if he had left her for another girl she'd be down too. Michelle, though, is right to see that BLT and Cindy's relationship is totally superficial; I saw Michelle and BLT as more of a healthy relationship; the only thing BLT has in common with Cindy is both being black. And Simon just doesn't seem to get it. It was sweet to see Snake and Michelle getting along, and his being so careful in pursuing her. They could make a nice couple, except for Michelle being still grieving over BLT. Seeing Caitlin going to the restaurant to book a reservation for her parents, it is so sad. You have Melanie saying how wonderful it is that they've lasted 20 years; after all, Melanie's parents are divorced, and Caitlin is happy for that. And then seeing that their marriage can't be all that perfect if her dad is in a restaurant kissing another woman. Ugh! That bites! And then when they go out to dinner, and she hears his ever-so-smooth lies. The only glitch I really see(though I can make up a possible sub-plot here) is that in the picture Caitlin looks at, it's like she's an only child. I'm sure she mentioned a brother; what's up with that?
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