Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 19, 1990 on CBC

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  • Caitlin finds out that her Dad is a lowlife while Michelle and Alexa start to break up as friends. C

    The quality of acting on this show was really excellent. I loved everything about the show but when you watch these episodes years later, these young actors were really great. Stacie Mistysyn as Caitlin nails her part as the disgusted teen who finds out like many girls that her Dad is a lowlife cheater. Her acting is really stellar showing first the shock then the disgust later as her Dad tries to deny that he is having an affair.

    Michelle's breakup with her Alexa is also done very realistic. The episode is called Loyalties, so we see how people pick their loyalties often with disastrous results. Alexa stayed friends with Blt and Michelle but we see drifting more toward Blt's side when she should have stayed with Michelle. You can blame the betrayed friend for being angry.

    Stefan Brogren was great as Snake the guy whose looking to get together with Michelle. He's a great character and it's no wonder he's one of the characters that carried over to Degrassi The Next Generation. All in all this is an excellent episode with excellent performances based on a lot of real life issues.