Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 12

Natural Attraction

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 23, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

Heather is sleeping, and having a dream about being at the abortion clinic. She wakes up sweating.

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Everyone is leaving school, and Erica is caught with a new boy. Lucy, Heather and Alexa are leaving together after Alexa says she's meeting Simon later. They ask about them, and Erica catches up. She tells them his name is Blaine, he's in grade 11, and "he's so nice." Lucy says "forget nice, he's hot." Heather is quiet. Erica then meets him in the parking lot, and he offers to take her for a drive.

Dorothy and Tessa are talking by the lockers, and Dorothy keeps telling Tessa to ask Scooter. They finally go to him and Bart at their lockers, and Tessa asks if he's going to the upcoming dance. Bart says there's a documentary on about turtles. Dorothy wonders why watch turtles rather than go to the dance. Bart says it's very stimulating.

Allison and Amy walk to lunch, and talk about the guys, and how Wheels' jeans are "so tight you can read a date on a dime." They see Snake, and Amy smiles. Allison says she doesn't care about him anymore; if he doesn't like her that's his problem. Amy says she still thinks he's cute. Allison talks about asking Nick to the dance.

Heather and Erica are studying in the library, and they see Blaine. Erica says he reminds her of someone, and Heather says yes, it's Jason. The one who got her pregnant. Erica tells Heather she and Blaine have a date tonight to see a movie.

Later, Heather is sleeping and in comes Erica. She tells her she's late, and Erica says their dad already yelled at her. She tells her they saw a movie, drove around, and he kissed her. Heather says if you kiss on the first date he'll think you're easy. Erica reminds Heather of the party they had where she and Wheels were on a "first date", and "you were practically licking his tonsils." Heather denies it, and reminds her that they've known Wheels for years, but she and Blaine just met. In a few hours, Heather has another nightmare about the abortion. Erica comforts her, and says it's just a dream. Heather reminds Erica that it's been 9 months, and had she not had the abortion, the baby would've been born about now. "Don't you ever wish you hadn't?" Erica says she wishes she hadn't gotten pregnant, but doesn't regret the abortion. And says that her counsellor says she needs to get on with her life.

Tessa and Dorothy again argue about her asking Scooter to the dance. Finally, after Tessa gets tongue-tied, Dorothy asks him for her. He says yes. After they leave, Bart asks him about the turtle show. Scooter says "it's my first date." He then says he doesn't know how to dance. Bart offers to teach him how. Scooter wonders about the music, and Bart says dancing is just counting. They go into an empty classroom, and he demonstrates the moves, and counts 1,2,3. Scooter says he feels like a broomhead, and Bart says "feel like a broomhead now, or feel like a broomhead later." Clutch walks by and laughs.

Amy is walking to her locker and Snake catches up with her. He asks her to the dance. Amy smiles, and hesitates, but says yes. She catches up with Allison, who says she got Nick to go with her, and can she please borrow her flowered skirt. Amy says only if she can borrow her red shoes, since they both have dates. When she tells who her date is, Allison calls her a traitor, says she wasn't supposed to believe her, and storms off. Then pauses back and says "no, you can't borrow my red shoes."

Heather and Erica get ready for the dance, and then Blaine arrives. Heather tells Erica to be careful. Erica tells Heather not to worry too much.

At the dance, Scooter is dancing with Tessa, and counting. She makes a face, wondering why he's doing that, but keeps dancing.

In the bathroom, Amy is staring in the mirror, and in comes Allison. She points out that Amy is wearing her sweater and she wants it back. And Amy then gives it back, saying Allison has her scarf, and then also her shoes. Allison wonders what she'll wear now, and also points out that Amy is wearing her belt. Amy says "it's ugly anyway." They also find Amy is wearing Allison's shirt and Allison is wearing Amy's skirt. So they're taking them off to give them back. In their slips and undershirts, Tabi and some friends walk in, and they both look at each other and chuckle.

Heather doesn't see Erica so she asks Lucy, who's making out with Clutch, where she is. Alexa then says she saw her and Blaine go that way. Heather finds them on the school steps, kissing passionately. She clears her throat. They stop, and Erica asks her what she's doing. Heather asks aren't you moving too fast. Then she starts crying at how Erica only cares about herself, not about her, and runs off. Erica tries to stop her.

Later in their room, Erica comes in. Heather is there already, and she says she knows she's still awake. Heather grudgingly says "sorry I'm not like you. I have feelings." Erica first says they were just kissing, and that she doesn't want to go through another abortion either. Heather tells her she still feels guilty about having "helped kill a person." Erica suggests she see the counsellor too. That since it still bothers her, she needs to find a way to let it go. Heather starts crying again, and they hug.