Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 6

Nobody's Perfect

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 1989 on CBC

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  • Kathleen thinks she has the perfect boyfriend until he starts abusing her.


    "Nobody's Perfect" is one of my favourite Degrassi High episodes. It makes it into My Top 5 Degrassi High episodes. In this episode, Kathleen thinks she has the perfect boyfriend, until he starts beating her up. It was so intense how Scott kept beating her up. I felt so bad for Kathleen. I know Kathleen can be a "b" with a side of "itch" at times, but she does not deserve to get beat up. I'm really glad that Kathleen broke up with Scott at the end of the episode. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • There is never any excuse to abuse someone. The thing is, victims of abuse are often in love with their abusers and are brainwashed by them. Brainwashing and control is even easier to achieve with someone like Kathleen Mead ( Rebecca Haines ).

    Here is the reason they may stay with the person who abuses them: the person has low self-esteem, and think they cannot get anyone else. The person thinks it's their fault, maybe they didn't do something right. Even if they did do something wrong, that doesn't justify hurting anyone. The person thinks they can change the abuser. You cannot change the abuser. The abuser is psychologically unstable. Nothing you do will change them. Girls who are being abused by their boyfriends need to get out right away and when they do, they need to report it so it doesn't happen to someone else.
  • Kathleen and Scott are dating and he beats her when her and Luke are assigned to work together. Joey and Caitlin work together and talk about their breakup. Patrick asks Spike out.

    Watching this episode hurts, because so many are in such a relationship where they are afraid. It's good to learn that while young, rather than get into one as an adult and then become financially dependent on the person. Scott looks so much older, and he has a good car and yet has all this time for her; it makes me wonder where he gets the money. Maybe his parents indulge him like he expects Kathleen to. We never see his home life; if there was violence, alcohol, or whatever. It was kind of painful to see Joey and Caitlin together after having broken up. But that happens too; people try to be who they're not just to keep a certain relationship, and Joey was, at the time, willing to do that. But how long would that have lasted? Though it was sweet to see Patrick pursuing Spike. It would be nice to see how he interacts with Emma. I guess her true colors show; that though she made a mistake, she's learning from it and making the most of it. Unlike the image teen moms get; that they're sluts and always looking for a new relationship too quickly. They're not all like that. And when she says "I don't like to be touched", my first thought was, that seems like a contradiction since she obviously had sex before. But in thinking about it almost 20 years later, it makes it look like her sexual encounter with Shane was painful, which she previously said was.
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