Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 13

One Last Dance

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 28, 1991 on CBC

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  • It's Degrassi's last dance.


    "One Last Dance" is an awesome series finale! It's such a sad episode because it's the last episode. In this episode, Dwayne's secret of being HIV positive comes out. It's so sad how ignorant the students of Degrassi are about the topic. I love the ending of this episode with Tabi dancing with Dwayne. It was cute watching everyone dancing with each other. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Dwayne's secret comes out, and Tabi and Nick and others deal with it their own ways. Joey asks Caitlin to the final dance. Degrassi is shutting down for next year, meaning Lucy can't be school president as planned.

    Beautiful way to end. I loved how Joanne showed Tabi and others about AIDS, even if it was kinda gross. It's good to see both sides. Allison and Amy, they're sick. Though I think it's more Allison; Amy seems like her quiet sidekick. She's the one who does all the talking. It's too bad the school closed. Lucy would've been a good school president; she's grown so much since the series started and it'd made her better for it; to relate to other students and stand up for everyone's rights; male, female, short, tall, athletic, academic, and everything. And Bronco is so much better for her than Clutch, who seems to have disappeared. The best ending was when Dwayne and Joey connected in the bathroom. How they compared who are the real jerks. And I'm glad to have seen Tabi then ask him to dance, even though Nick went off mad. And then seeing Spike there dancing with Wheels; I wonder if Snake saw her? But they probably both knew what was going on. And Liz with Tim. And finally Joey and Caitlin. Very sweet.
  • The very end of the series. It shows us how it ends up with all the couples and what you will see if they will do make a movie or not. You see Simon and Alexa getting closer and going to get married in the near futre.

    This episode was a really good one. It was my first time watching the episode but I enjoyed it thoroughly. It showed all the couples that you wanted to see. I saw my favorite couple it was Simon and Alexa. They were so cute how they were dancing. Then how Joey was waiting for Caitlin that is so sweet. I love how you saw how they went to the dance at the end. She still cared for him and he cared for her. You saw a bunch of couples when they were dancing. I hated to see the girl who asked Mr. Radditch to dance. That was the scary part.