Degrassi High

CBC (ended 1992)





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  • Only Adjectives:Intense, slightly unrealistic, Dramatic, lovable, romantic, tear-inducing, atractive, and relatable.

    Degrassi is a show that is very near and dear to my heart. Ive been watching it from season one and I'm loving every second. This show makes you feel like your developing a bond with the characters. you watch them grow up, and they grow up with you. you go through what they go through, and it shows good and bad ways to deal with your problems. they make mistakes for you so you can learn from theirs, instead of making those mistakes yourselves. It is however a little over dramatic in the sence that it wants to relate to it's audience. And is not intensley hard hitting, for a show that claims "Degrassi, it goes ther." but this show is intended for the teen crowed from 14 to about 17 I would say, therefor it dosent need to be to "adult content." but it does deal with serious topics such as pregnancy, death, drug use, std's,and internal, mental, and physical handicaps. it allows you to see your favorite characters rise and fall, and that fellow tv viewers, is what makes a drama fantastic.(keep in mind that this opinion is from me, a teenager's point of view, and may not be enjoyable to an adult audience.)