Degrassi High - Season 0

CBC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • School's Out!!!
    School's Out!!!
    Episode 1
    The Degrassi gang finally graduates from high-school. During the summer, Wheels tries to fix up an old car so he can move out of town in the fall. Joey asks Caitlin to marry him. Catching her off guard, she declines his offer. Joey is hurt and accepts a date with Tessa. The two start seeing eachother behind Caitlin's back, and Joey ends up losing his virginity to Tessa.Then Tessa learns she's pregnant and goes to a clinic and has an abortion without Joey's knowledge.Caitlin decides she is ready to have sex with Joey. After the two sleep together, Caitlin reconisders his marriage proposal and decides to attend University in town so she can be with him. At Bronco's cottage, Caitlin overhears Snake and Joey talking about Tessa. Caitlin throws the engagement ring back at Joey and tells them that they are over. Lucy gets in Wheels's car after he has been drinking. They get into an accident that kills a child and leaves Lucy in critical condition. The gang reunites a few months later to attend Simon and Alexa's wedding. It is learned that Wheels is in prision, Lucy is making a recovery and Caitlin and Joey call a truce - as friends.moreless