Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 10

Showtime (1)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 07, 1991 on CBC

Episode Recap

At School, the students get ready for Showtime, the school show. Caitlin says she really hopes she makes the show, and tells Maya that she has a fabulous voice. Claude stops her and asks if she's trying out for the show, and says that he is too. She wishes him good luck and walks away, and as she goes, he asks her if they can try again? Caitlin says no, and as she and Maya go into the auditorium, Caitlin tells Maya that she wishes Claude would just leave her alone and go away, they broke up a year ago, and it's over.

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At the auditions for Showtime, Arthur and Dorothy tap dance on stage and Joey laughs at them. Caitlin signs in and Joanne tells her that they're running late, she might not be reached until tomorrow, but she can wait if she wants. Caitlin says hi to Joey as she walks by; Joey tells Snake that Caitlin's an "Ice Maiden," and Snake asks when Joey's going to get over her? Bronco calls the next number, The Dancing Jockettes, and Luke, Simon and a third boy take the stage in tutus and start doing "ballet" to The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies, which all the students find amusing. Before they can finish, their tape is mangled by the machine; Bronco tells them that it's okay, they'll fit them in later for the rest of their audition. Claude is the next student to be called to audition, and he takes the stage and announces that he's going to recite a poem that he wrote himself. Joey tells Snake that he wants to see this, since Claude is the "Ice Maiden's" old boyfriend. Claude sits and recites a poem about death; Joey laughs and Snake says that they should give him a chance. Bronco and Lucy look concerned; Bronco interrupts and says it's not right for the show, the poem is good but depressing. Claude tells Bronco that some things are serious, and Bronco agrees, but says that for the talent show, people want fun things. He suggests that Claude write a new poem and try again tomorrow; Lucy suggests that he perform a song. Claude tells them that it's his poem as it is, or nothing. Claude leaves, yelling that they're all sheep; Joey calls him a loser. Bronco calls the next act to the stage; Joey and Snake. Claude stops on his way out and shouts again that they don't care, saying, "Nobody cares, but you'll see..." and leaves. Joanne runs after him and tells him that she cares; she asks him to join her and some friends at a movie on the weekend, and then tells him that she's sorry about his parents. He tells her that he knows that lots of people get divorced, and he's fine. Joanne tells him again that she's his friend and she'll listen; Claude tells her, "You don't know what it's like to be me." In the auditorium, Snake and Joey are singing the Zits song while wearing huge hats that cover half their bodies, and they have faces drawn on their stomachs; the students watching laugh and clap.

In the hallway after class, Joey tells Snake that he didn't do so well on a test, and insists that he studied. Snake says that Joey needs to get some help studying, but then says that he's too busy and can't help Joey. Caitlin comes down the hall and tells Maya that now that she's back home she wants to do things instead of just talking about them; they turn the corner to go to Caitlin's locker, and Claude is standing there, with a flower for Caitlin. She asks him to move from in front of her locker and opens it, turning her back to him. He offers her the rose, and she tells him to leave her alone; Claude tells her that he won't bother her again, he just came by to say good bye, then he leaves. Caitlin turns to Maya and says, "What a creep!"

In the hallway, Claude goes to his locker; Scott tells him to hurry up, or else he'll be late for class, but Claude tells him that he's not going to class any more. As announcements start and the hallway empties, Claude takes a gun out of his backpack and looks at it, then walks down the hall with it.

In English class, the students discuss a book; Mr. Walfish asks that they put their hands up when they have something to say. Snake puts his hand up and asks to be excused to go to the bathroom; this isn't quite what Mr. Walfish was hoping for, but he excuses Snake. As Snake walks into the boys' room, he notices feet sticking out of a stall, and asks, "Are you alright?" He opens the door, and sees Claude lying there, in a pool of blood, with the gun by his hand. Snake looks like he's going to be sick, and runs from the room.

In the Office, Mr. Raditch comes out of his office and gives a list of final exams to one of the support staff. Snake runs in and tells Mr. Raditch that he has to come; Mr. Raditch tells Snake to wait a minute until he's finished, but Snake tells him, no, he has to come now, adding that "he's dead... there's a gun..." Mr. Raditch tells Snake to show him where, and they run off down the hall together towards the boys' room.

On stage in the auditorium, Tim does a magic act and produces a bouquet of flowers for Caitlin; everyone claps. Caitlin is called as the next act to audition; she starts her dance routine, and Bronco is clearly enjoying it.

In the hallway, there's yellow tape marking off the boys' room, and a police officer blocking the door. Some students try to go in, but he tells them that they will have to use a different bathroom. There is an announcement that there will be an emergency teachers' meeting, immediately.

In English class, Mr. Walfish comes in and tells the class that there's been some upsetting news; a student has died and it looks like he killed himself. Tessa raises her hand and asks who the student is; Mr. Walfish tells them that it was Claude Tanner, a grade 12 student. Caitlin looks shocked. In the Special Ed class, Joanne says that Claude was unhappy and angry at everyone, and that his parents were getting a divorce; she feels that she should have known, and she adds that she tried to talk to him but he wouldn't. Mr. Raditch tells her that he doesn't see that there was anything else that Joanne could have done. He tells the class that you can't help someone who doesn't want help, and all they can do is look for the signs. In Geography class, the teacher tells the class that they have to talk about how they feel; Lucy says that Claude probably did it at school just to make everyone else feel bad, and she thinks he's a jerk. Some students are shocked by that, but Spike agrees, saying that Claude is gone now and doesn't have to worry about it, but they're all still there, and have to think about it. Another students says that suicide is a sin. The teacher tells them that there's no right or wrong reaction, and the important thing is that if they have problems, they should talk about them, and there are people who can help.

Students come out of class, talking about what happened. Maya asks Caitlin if she's okay; Caitlin says that she's worried about having told Claude to go away, and not talking to him. Maya points out that Caitlin broke up with Claude, and didn't like him, then adds that he didn't do it because of her and he had lots of problems.

Lucy and Bronco go into the auditorium; Bronco is worried that his telling Claude to write a new poem was the problem. Lucy asks what they're going to do about the talent show, and Bronco says that they have to cancel it.

In the hallway, Joey asks some students walking by if they've seen Snake; they tell him not since before lunch. Joey continues to wait, looking worried.

Caitlin goes home; her mother tells her that her dad's car broke down again, so she has to go pick him up. She asks if Caitlin has a new boyfriend, and points to the flowers on the table when Caitlin says no, and asks why. Caitlin goes to see who they're from; she opens the box and takes out the flowers, then sees the note included with them, and reads it. It's from Claude; he tells her that even though she doesn't love him, he loves her; he forgives her for how she treated him, and hopes that she'll think of him sometimes.