Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 10

Showtime (1)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 07, 1991 on CBC

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  • Claude commits suicide.


    "Showtime" part 1 is one of my favourite Degrassi High episodes. In this episode, Claude commits suicide and kills himself in the bathroom with a gun. Now, I didn't like Claude at all, so his death wasn't sad, but I love everyone's reaction to his death. I felt so bad for Snake because he's that found the body. I love hearing everyone's opinions on his death. I love how some people thought they should have paid more attention to him, others thought he was going to hell. I love Lucy's and Spike's opinion on the topic. I agree with them the most. I think Claude committed suicide to make everyone feel bad. It was just awful at the end of the episode where Caitlin gets a letter from Claude and he basically says she's the reason he committed suicide. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Claude tries out for the talent show and doesn't make it. He also talks to Caitlin asking for another chance; she rejects him. He then gives her a flower to say goodbye. Next thing Snake finds him dead in the boys' bathroom and everyone is upset.

    This episode is very sad. I understand Caitlin's dilemma, but I appreciate her honesty, to be courteous to Claude, but not to get back together with him if she's not comfortable. It might be easy to do that, since she apparently hasn't had a boyfriend since. But it also shows that Caitlin did move back in with her parents and is respecting their decision to try to work things out. And then wondering if she had made the right choice after she found out Claude was dead. The flowers at the end, that was so hurting. I'm glad they show students trying to share their feelings. In a case of suicide, there are no right answers. Shows in how Bronco wanted to cancel the talent show, but Lucy thought it should still go on. And Joanne, who really tried. And that one black girl who said he's now in hell. In all the times I've watched this episode I've never, ever, seen the part where Alexa was considering breaking up with Simon. Someone help me out here!