Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 11

Showtime (2)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 14, 1991 on CBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a short recap of Part I: Claude asking Caitlin if she's trying out for the talent show; The Jockettes performing; Claude offering the flower to Caitlin at her locker and her telling him to leave her alone; Joey asking Mr. Webster, the Science teacher, for help; Joanne asking Claude if he's okay, and him telling her that she doesn't know what it's like to be him; Snake finding Claude in the bathroom; Mr. Walfish telling the class that Claude is dead; and Caitlin looking at the flowers and note that were delivered to her home. [Opening credits.] In the school auditorium, Mr. Raditch and students come in and take seats; Bronco calls for order and announces that they're there to decide if they're going to have the talent show this year, given what's happened. He asks if anyone has anything to say; Joanne stands up and says that a person has died, and if they go on with the talent show it will be like they're saying nothing happened and it doesn't matter. Lucy takes the other side of the argument and says that life goes on, and while Claude is dead, they're still alive, adding that people need to laugh right now. Joanne says that she doesn't feel like laughing, that she knew Claude and he was her friend; she leaves the auditorium. The rest of the students sit there silently; Mr. Raditch asks if anyone else has anything to say, and Spike raises her hand. She suggests that they could still have the talent show, and have it as a benefit with the money going to Claude's family or the charity of their choice; the students seem to think this is a good idea and they put it to a vote with a show of hands. Maya and Caitlin discuss the talent show as they walk down the hall; Maya says she agrees with Lucy and Caitlin agrees saying that it's a good thing that "the creep" didn't ruin the talent show. She continues, saying that she can't believe that anyone would be so stupid as to commit suicide, and she won't let him ruin things for her. In Science class, the students are doing an experiment; Caitlin puts something into the cupboard, and when she closes it, she sees Claude's reflection in the glass door and hears him say her name. She turns around quickly but there's no one there. Mr. Webster tells the class that the lab reports are due and they're going to have a test on Friday; the bell rings and he dismisses the class, but asks Joey and Caitlin to stay behind. Outside the classroom, Wheels waits for Joey. Inside, Mr. Webster tells Caitlin that Joey needs some help and he'd like her to give it to him. Caitlin is hesitant; Mr. Webster asks if there's a problem and Caitlin says that she's kind of busy right now. Mr. Webster insists that it won't take up much of her time, and he's sure that Joey will appreciate it; Caitlin agrees to do it. Joey asks her when she wants to talk about getting together, and she says tomorrow; Joey wants to get started as soon as he can, and suggests that they meet earlier. Outside the classroom, Joey sees Wheels, who gives Joey an envelope and asks that he give it to his mother. Joey asks what it is and Wheels tells him that it's the money that he stole. Joey takes it and is about to turn away, but then has a change of heart and asks Wheels how work is going. Wheels tells him that he doesn't want to pump gas all his life, but it's money; Wheels then asks about Snake, wanting to know if he's around anywhere, and Joey tells him that Snake hasn't been at school for a while because he's sick. Wheels asks if it's true that Snake found Claude; Joey tells him that it is. Wheels says that he knows that he and Snake haven't gotten along so great recently, and wants to know if he should call him? Joey says that he thinks Snake would like that. Snake is fixing his bike in his backyard at home; Joey comes over. Joey tells him that people miss him and want to know when he's coming back to school; Snake says that his therapist says he doesn't have to go back until he's ready. Joey tells him that he's sorry that Snake had to be the one to find Claude. Snake starts to remember finding him, saying that there was a lot of blood, and half of Claude's face was covered in it, and it just looked so ugly; he adds that he keeps thinking that if he'd just gotten there a little earlier, he could have saved him, and that Claude had to know that someone was going to find him, then asking, "Why did he do this to me?" Joey asks if there's anything that he can do, and puts his hand on Snake's shoulder. Snake looks at Joey's hand, and Joey quickly pulls it away; Snake gives him a playful punch on the shoulder, Joey punches him back and they start to play-fight. That night, Caitlin is in bed, dreaming; she hears Claude, and sees him; she's alone in the school auditorium and he's on the stage reciting his poem; suddenly he's beside her in the seats and he gives her the flower. Caitlin turns to leave, but Claude is blocking the doors; she turns, and he's on the stage; she tries to run but doesn't seem to be moving and can't get away from him. In Science class, Joey doesn't understand what the teacher is talking about; he whispers to Luke who also doesn't understand. Class ends, and Joey asks Caitlin for help. She suggests meeting tomorrow, but he wants to do it sooner, today, and suggests that they meet in the Resource Center after school. Caitlin says that they won't be able to talk there, and if she's going to be explaining things, then talking would be a good idea; she suggests that Joey come over to her house around 7 p.m., saying that her parents won't mind as her mother always liked Joey. He's surprised, both by her offer and her admission that her parents liked him, and says that he'll see her then. Joey shows up at Caitlin's place; she answers the door, and shouts up to her mother that "it's just Joey." Joey makes a joke of this, saying "Just Joey?" Caitlin gets angry and tells him to keep his snarky comments to himself. Later on, she's explaining circuits to him, but Joey's not really listening. She asks if he understands, and he says yes, but then when she asks a question about it, he can't answer. She gets angry again, and asks why he let her go on, why he didn't ask any questions, if he didn't understand. Joey tells her that he didn't know what to ask and Caitlin tells him that she can't help a numb-brain. She wants to start again; Joey asks why bother, adding that maybe he can get a job as a speed bump. Caitlin tells him that she'll start over and she'll go slow. Later, they take a break and she makes some tea in the kitchen; Joey asks what she thinks of the talent show going on, and she tells him that she's all for it, and asks if he's still going to be in it. Joey tells her that he is; then he asks if she knows why Claude did it, adding that it would be weird to put a gun to your head an pull the trigger. Caitlin tells him that she really doesn't want to talk about it; she asks about Snake and Joey says that it makes him so mad, what Claude did to Snake. Caitlin asks him again not to talk about it. Then she adds, "of course he was messed up... You don't kill yourself unless you're messed up," but then says again that she doesn't want to talk about it. Joey tells her that she keeps saying that she doesn't want to talk about it, but she keeps bringing it up. Caitlin admits that Claude said good bye to her, but she didn't know what he meant, she didn't realize what he was really saying, and then he sent the flowers and the note. Joey asks what note she's talking about, and she tells him about it, asking, "What was I supposed to do? I didn't even like him!" Joey sits down beside her and tells her that he can't believe that Claude did this; Caitlin says that he loved her. Joey tells her that he didn't love her, he wanted to hurt her, and hurt everybody; he wanted them all crying and holding memorials in his honour, and he wanted Caitlin to feel guilty, and she shouldn't give him the satisfaction. Caitlin starts to cry and puts her head on his shoulder, hugging him. Joey hugs her back, and holds her as she cries. In the school auditorium, the students and teachers come in for the talent show. Backstage, the students are getting ready; the Jockettes are up first, and are nervous. Bronco comes on stage and thanks them all for coming, and says that Joanne has a few words to say on behalf of Claude's family. Joanne takes the stage and says that Claude's family isn't present, but want to thank everyone for their contributions, which will go to a charity for kids who feel suicidal. She adds that Claude was her friend, and she's sorry that he's not there because he would have laughed and he needed to laugh more; she runs off the stage in tears. Bronco introduces first act, saying that it reflects the dignity of Degrassi; the Dancing Jockettes. They come out in their tutus and begin dancing to The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies. Backstage, Joey and Wheels arrive to do their act; Joey sees Caitlin and asks when she's on. She says she's on fourth, and she's nervous and asks about him; Joey tells her,"We're on next." She asks if Snake is there, and Joey tells her that he's not, but Wheels has come to take Snake's place, as Snake isn't ready to come back yet. Caitlin thanks Joey for listening to her the other night. He tells her "any time," and she kisses him on the cheek then turns back to watch the show. Joey stands behind her, looking at her, and wondering.
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