Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 11

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Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 14, 1991 on CBC

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  • Caitlin reluctantly tutors Joey in science. He ends up helping her deal with Claude's death. The talent show goes on as a benefit to a suicide program. Snake also deals with having found Claude. Wheels pays his debt to Joey.

    This episode is good, to see both Caitlin and Joey helping each other, and putting the past behind them. After all, Joey sure didn't like her for awhile, and neither had dated anyone since her breakup with him. No more of him calling her "ice princess/ice maiden". Though she certainly was icy to him until her defenses came down. People have different reactions to such an incident of death. I'm glad they showed that of Joanne, Lucy, Spike, Bronco, and Snake. I love how they show Joey telling Snake outright, "people miss you", and listening to him rant as well. Good to tie up loose ends with Wheels. But if he paid off that debt that fast, he must still be living with his grandparents; probably they and his boss keep tabs on him together. Which he really needs. Good end to the such story.