Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 9

Sixteen (1)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 1990 on CBC

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  • Michelle turns 16 and friends remind her that she can now legally move out. After a fight with her dad, she does just that. Joey, Snake, and Nancy start driver's ed. Patrick writes a song for Spike. LD must spend her 16th birthday in hospital.

    It is legal to move out at 16, but adult age is still 18. Not sure how that works, except with emancipation. And I hardly think Michelle's dad would've signed papers for her emancipation. It's dumb to not let her go out for her birthday, even if it is a school night. Just for a few hours, shouldn't harm anything. She can make up school work on the weekend. It's kinda funny watching them get excited about Michelle possibly having her own place; not even thinking about the consequences of that; paying for rent, food, and other bills; though it sounds like Michelle already knows how to do her own laundry and cook. It's never shown how Alexa's parents react to her coming over and staying with them awhile; most parents would've called her dad and said she's here and safe so don't worry. But it's always good to see a parent with control issues being put in their place. Too many of them abuse their authority position. Only later do they show him actually trying to take care of himself; in the meantime we can only wonder how he manages the housework; like does he hire a maid, or go out to eat a lot? Do co-workers take pity on him? I loved seeing Joey go into driver's ed all confident, and then Nancy showing him up. The part with Patrick and Spike was really sweet. It's good to see how Spike deals with being insecure, regarding being a teen mom and realizing that's not attractive. And how Liz is the one who talks her into talking to him; even though Liz has always shied away from guys. The part with LD was so sad, but good to get that out; for the twins to find out, and be able to visit. If that were my friends, I'd want to know too. And very sweet how Lucy tries to do something special for her birthday.
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