Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 10

Sixteen (2)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

Michelle is at the donut shop, where there is a Help Wanted sign outside. She is being interviewed, and the manager, Jenny, drills her on her work experience and qualifications. She also says she hasn't been impressed with high school students she's hired in the past. Michelle gets the job by saying "please, I really need a job."

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Michelle talks to Alexa about what she can't afford, but how glad she is to have a job now. Alexa tells her she doesn't have to buy her a birthday present. BLT asks her about her hours; she says she would work till midnight and do homework on her break.

Joey and Snake are driving on the road with the drivers ed teacher, and Joey laughs hysterically when Snake knocks over some pylons. The teacher just patiently says that's why we have those lessons.

The twins and Lucy work on a video, and Kathleen and Scooter do a rap telling LD they miss her and get better. Amy and Allison stop by and offer to do something too. Lucy agrees. But when Allison asks if LD has cancer, she lies, and says they don't know what's wrong with her.

Michelle and BLT walk together to her job, and he tells her his brother has an extra TV she can have. They hug and kiss goodbye, and Jenny welcomes Michelle.

At the end of the night, Jenny gives Michelle a box of donuts and tells her she did a good job.

At her home, Michelle's dad visits her. He says her place is "cozy". He asks for the pawn ticket, so he can reclaim the family ring. Michelle says it's her ring, she'll buy it back when she gets enough money saved up. Dad says they only keep them for a year, and Michelle says "thank you for your faith in me". She also reminds him that now it's her house, not his. But in the end, she grudgingly gives him the ticket.

At school Alexa laments that BLT can't come to her party. Michelle says she can't either; she has to work. BLT wonders why she has to work again, and complains he doesn't get to see her anymore. He says "we're supposed to spend more time together, not less". Michelle says that if she doesn't work, she'll lose her job, have to move back home, and her dad will have won. BLT goes to his game frustrated after Michelle kisses him goodbye.

Joey and Snake wait on the sidewalk while Nancy comes out of the driver's ed car. Joey goes in for his test, and flirts with the woman instructor, telling her her perfume smells really nice.

Michelle is woken up at 3am by the phone, it's Jenny. The girl on the day shift is sick, and she is asked to cover. Even though Michelle has school, Jenny says "well, you can skip it once, right? Come on, we really need you."

Simon tells Alexa that he got the part he was auditioning for. She hugs him in congratulations. Then he tells her the taping is on the night of her party. Alexa gets upset, and keeps saying "you're going to miss my party," even though Simon explains that he kept trying to get them to change it. Alexa screams that if no one wants to go to her party, she'll cancel it. "In fact, I'll cancel my whole birthday! I'll be 15 for the rest of my life!"

BLT is pulled out of class, and at the office Michelle's dad is waiting for him. He tries to back away, but he is cornered. Dad tells him that the school called about Michelle's attendance problems. And that he called her apartment but no one answered. He wants to talk to her. "not that she ever listens to me". BLT responds "well maybe you don't listen too good either", but then respectfully addresses him. Dad tells him he needs his help, he already lost his wife, and doesn't want to lose his daughter too. He is about to leave, when BLT says he'll tell him, because he's worried about Michelle too.

Lucy, the twins, and Alexa go to the hospital. LD puts her wig on when she hears them. They bring in the TV, and say this is a birthday party, everyone has to be happy. LD smiles weakly. Alexa shows her her cake, that was supposed to be for her cancelled party. They wish each other happy sweet 16 and hug. Then one of the twins pops in the video.

Michelle is serving customers, when in comes her dad. She tells him she's busy and go away. Jenny comes up and asks what's the problem. Michelle says "nothing", while her dad tells her who he is and he wants to talk to her alone. Jenny allows it, as long as it's not too long, and brings them both coffee. Dad tells her he has the ring, and they'll talk about it when she's ready. Michelle asks how he found out, and he told her he talked to BLT. "He doesn't like me much, but seems genuinely fond of you". He tells her she can do better than working here, and that her room is still there. Michelle tells him she's not going back; she doesn't want him running her life "the way you tried to run Mom's". Dad says he loves her and doesn't want to lose her; he's almost crying.

The next school day, Joey and Snake are walking to school, calling the driver tester names; they both failed. Joey wonders, "why signal when no one's behind you?" Nancy drives by in a new car, and says hi. Both boys groan. In class, Michelle and BLT compare notes. She says her dad has offered to help with the rent so she doesn't have to work too much. BLT wonders what the catch is, Michelle says none; he's seeing her as more grown up now. She also comments that she thinks he's lonely. She has invited him for dinner Sunday, and invites BLT too. BLT says he's not ready to be buddies with her dad, but he's glad things are working out better.
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