Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 10

Sixteen (2)

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 1990 on CBC

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  • Michelle gets a job at a donut place, but finds it difficult to balance it with school and friends. Alexa plans her birthday party and cancels when people can't come. Lucy makes a video for LD's birthday. Joey and Snake fail their driver's tests.

    I at first, when I saw it was a 2-part, thought Michelle was going to have trouble finding a job, and moving back with Alexa, and other trouble. But I'm glad to see she does get a job, she just has to deal with the pressure. And her dad going after her. They never say how she gets her stuff, or how her dad reacts, except he was "mad", and here we see him conning Michelle for the pawn ticket for her special ring. I loved when she said "I can talk any way I want, this is my house, not yours". And when she then tells BLT that he sounds like her dad; only a preview of the concept that many wives later see their husbands as like their fathers, and/or react to them the same way. But it's good to see that her dad was learning that she has feelings too, and she also was learning that. That's part of what being an adult is all about. I think, with Alexa's plot, it's implied that there was a scene where Lucy gave her a good talking-to. Something along the lines of "you're so upset because a few people can't come to your birthday party? You should count your blessings; at least you can have a party, and not spend your birthday in the hospital!" Leading to her getting her cake to share with LD. What a touching, tear-jerking scene. What a laugh to see how Joey and Snake lament over their driving tests! Except when Snake was nervous and Joey was laughing at him. But that was priceless, seeing Nancy drive by in her car!