Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 15

Stressed Out

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 13, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

Caitlin drops off some books in the library; when she tries to speak to Ms. Avery, she's told to just leave her books on the desk and go. Ms. Avery, reading a letter, is quite upset.

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In English class, the students write their final exam; the bell rings, and an announcement tells the the students to clean out their lockers by 3 p.m. Caitlin is distracted, and tells her friends that Ms. Avery seems upset. Michelle takes some pills from her bag and gets a drink of water; BLT asks her what it is, and she admits that they're caffeine pills. He tells her that they're drugs, but she says it's just like having a lot of coffee. She goes home to study.

Snake tells Wheels that he feels sick; Joey comes in and isn't sure how he did on his exam; he has to study for his next exam, but they decide to relax at the arcade before the exam. Snake has a driving test; Joey tells him "third time lucky," and then they kid him about not passing the test, saying that he knows how to do everything except pass the test.

Caitlin cleans out her locker; she finds more library books and goes to return them. In the library, Ms. Avery tells students to return all books by Friday. Caitlin comes in and leaves the books on the desk; Ms. Avery apologizes for snapping at her earlier, and tells Caitlin that she won't be back next year. When Caitlin asks why, Ms. Avery says, "Don't ask me, ask the school board." Caitlin asks if the board fired her, but Ms. Avery doesn't really answer, just continuing on saying that she just wanted a chance to teach and she won't be treated this way.

Caitlin tells her friends what she learned in the library, and they all agree that Ms. Avery is a great teacher. They decide on a surprise party, but Caitlin wants to do more; she wants to fight for Ms. Avery's job with a petition and a protest.

Spike and Liz sign the petition; Spike says that she would have dropped out of school if it hadn't been for Ms. Avery.

Michelle studies as she walks down the hall; BLT invites her over to his place for dinner, but she wants to study. He tells her that she has to eat and sleep; she can't stay up all night, and she can pass her exams without staying up all night. She says passing isn't enough. Caitlin is still getting more signatures, and asks Dwayne, who laughs at her petition. Mr. Raditch asks about the petition, but Caitlin says that it's a letter of protest. He looks at it, and reads "the unfair firing of Ms. Avery" and tells Caitlin that she wasn't fired; the job was for one year, and Ms. Avery always knew that. Caitlin says that they should offer her another job; Mr. Raditch says that they did, and Ms. Avery turned it down. Caitlin is upset that she tried to help and just ended up looking stupid. She throws the letter of protest in the garbage and leaves.

The bell rings, Michelle takes more pills and tells BLT not to nag her, as she only has 2 more exams left. The girls talk about the party for Ms. Avery; Caitlin says that it's been the worst year of her life and she's not going to a stupid party for a stupid teacher.

Joey has one more exam left; Snake thinks he's getting sicker, and points out that since he's finished his last exam, he's not faking it. He says that he's going to go to the nurse, and then go home to bed, but if he does this, then he'll miss his driving test. Wheels says that he's just nervous, and has to make himself relax, then demonstrates breathing. Joey agrees that it really works; they all start breathing. Dwayne comes up and laughs at them.

Caitlin picks up her year book; Ms. Avery sees her and tells her that she heard about the petition, and appreciated it. Caitlin is still upset and asks why Ms. Avery lied; Ms. Avery says that the job was just as a substitute, not a teacher with a class. Caitlin points out that Ms. Avery said she wanted to teach; Ms. Avery explains that she doesn't want to be half a teacher, and leaves.

Michelle studies in the library; BLT comes in and says that the exam is in 5 minutes; Michelle freaks out and then tells him that everything is going wrong. She starts throwing books at him and screaming, then passes out. BLT calls for the nurse, as other students gather around.

Students leave after exams; an announcement calls Ms. Avery to the office. When she leaves the library, students wheel a cake in.

Michelle tells BLT that she didn't do so well on her exams, and has to do a make-up on the geography exam that she missed. BLT wants to hear her say that he was right.

Mr. Raditch comes back to the library with Ms. Avery, as they come in, the students jump out and shout "Surprise!" At the party, the students talk to Ms. Avery about their summer plans. Wheels brings some cake to Joey, who doesn't want it. He tells Wheels that he's worried about his marks, that he'll have to do grade 9 again. Wheels tells him not to worry, to relax, and they start breathing, and talking about summer. Caitlin comes in, and speaks to Ms. Avery; she apologizes for being rude the other day. Ms. Avery says that she's contacted a place up north where they need teachers, and she has an interview. She tells Caitlin that she really helped, which surprises Caitlin. Snake comes over and shows his new licence. Caitlin is happy that she finally got something right.
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