Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 13

Testing 1...2...3

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 30, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

Joey and Snake are going for their driver's tests for the second time, and being nervous.

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At school, conversation between Joey, Snake and Wheels shows that Joey passed his test but Snake did not. Snake wonders what's wrong with him. Joey teases him, saying "hey Snake, wanna see my license?" Caitlin walks by, and says hi. Joey addresses her, commenting on her breakup with Claude. Says "you just chew us up and spit us out". She makes a face and walks away. They see Dwayne, and Joey makes fun of him; making ape noises, and Wheels and Snake join in.

At the lockers, Claude apologizes to Caitlin about what happened. Caitlin tells him if he's really sorry, he'll come to court with her on Friday. In class, Maya asks her if she wants Claude back. Caitlin says no, but she needs someone at court with her besides the lawyer, since "they treat you like a piece of meat". Maya tells her she wishes she could go, but she has a doctor's appointment. Caitlin understands, she knows her doctor has a busy schedule.

In Mr Walfish's class, Joey gets a D on his essay, and he is discouraged because he actually worked hard on it. Mr Walfish asks him to stay after class. Joey tells him he really worked hard; why is he still doing so bad? Mr Walfish says it may be beyond him, and he will be going for some tests.

At the end of Mr Webster's class, where there will be a test next week, Tessa whines to Alex that she doesn't understand the stuff at all. Since Alex gets good marks with him, she wonders if he can tutor her. She is dramatic; "please, if you don't, I'll fail and have to go to summer school and everything." Alex takes her aside, to tell her not to tell anyone. He says he doesn't understand it either, but Mr Webster always uses the same tests, and his brother had him 2 years ago and kept everything. He offers her a copy as well.

At the end of the day, Joey tells Wheels and Snake that he has to stay after to talk about junk like his marks. They walk by the office, and Joey's mother is there. One of them asks why, and Joey says "they bring parents to everything these days". He says goodbye and goes in. Joey's mom tries to hug him, and he protests. He asks her what she thinks is wrong with him. She is confident that "it's nothing a little hard work can't fix". Joey complains that he's already working hard, and she says he just has to work harder.

In the room, the psychologist tells them Joey has dysgraphia. Joey asks for clarification, and it is explained, that he has good ideas, but before he can write them down, his brain short-circuits. Joey then says "so I'm stupid", and the psychologist says he is not. She talks about putting him in special ed for one class a day, and being in regular classes the rest of the time. His mom wonders why they didn't know this before, and continues to ask what more can be done, while Joey goes blur.

Scooter shows stress about the science test, and sees Tessa happy. She then tells him not to tell anyone, and shows him the old test.

At the end of the day, Joey is getting things from his locker. Dwayne comes up to him and starts doing the ape noises back at him. Joey tells him to leave him alone. Dwayne mocks him; saying "what; no sense of humor?" He calls him dumb, and Joey reacts and begins to beat him up. Teachers come to break it up, and Mr Raditch tells Dwayne that he's suspended, since it's his second fight this week. Joey gets sent to detention.

At another set of lockers, Claude comes to Caitlin, and tells her he can't come to court. She wants to know why. He says he told his parents and they won't let him miss school. He tries to explain that he could if it was after school or on the weekend, but Caitlin asks him why he even asked his parents. "You knew they'd say no; that's why you told them, right?" She goes on to ask if he even told them what his part in it was; that he was there, that he could've helped her, and he tries to calm her down, and she slaps him in the face. She gets him in the mouth, and he is bleeding. Mr Raditch sees and is quite agitated, saying "all right, that is ENOUGH!" He asks another student to take Claude to the nurse, and takes Caitlin to detention. Maya is in the distance, with a pensive look on her face.

In detention, Joey asks Caitlin what a good girl like her is doing in detention, and he mocks her, with much bitterness. "Some guy didn't jump when you told him to? Oh, I know, he didn't jump high enough". Caitlin lashes out at him that he's dumb and ignorant. Joey lashes back, saying she's right; he is dumb, and learning-disabled. Caitlin asks for clarification, and Joey says he's being put in special ed. The teacher comes back in.

Students are using the photocopier and photocopying tests, and telling each other not to tell anyone.

They go in to take the test, and are happy it's the same test. At the end, Tessa tells Alex, "I aced it! You're a savior!" and kisses him on the cheek.

Back in detention, the teacher has to leave to talk to someone, and tells Joey and Caitlin not to get any ideas. Caitlin then says special ed is no big deal; lots of kids are in it. Joey says "not this guy", and he says he's dropping out. Caitlin tells him she has epilepsy and that she doesn't let that stop her. Joey points out that at least she "isn't stupid like me". Caitlin says he's not unless he drops out. And that when they were together he had a lot more guts. The teacher comes back in and they are quiet.

The next day, on the way to school, Maya catches up with Caitlin to tell her she cancelled her doctor's to go to court with her. Caitlin protests, but Maya says it was just a check-up and she's fine. And she needs someone now that "weasel-face" backed out. Caitlin thanks Maya and hugs her.

Joey catches up with Wheels and Snake and they ask about how he talked about dropping out. Joey said he changed his mind, and Snake teases him, saying he was looking forward to him delivering his pizza.

In science class, Mr Webster tells the class how happy he was to mark the tests and find so many As and A+s. And then he tells them that test was too easy, so he made up a new one they must take now.