Degrassi High

Season 1 Episode 13

Testing 1...2...3

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 30, 1990 on CBC

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  • Joey passes his drivers test, but finds out he has a learning disability. Snake fails his driver's test. Dwayne and Joey fight. Caitlin and Claude fight. Joey and Caitlin lash out at each other in detention. Alex' cheating secret comes out.

    I enjoy this episode; there's some of everything. Some that angered me, some that hit close to home, and some that just made me glad to see it. Joey can be such a jerk, but I think he learned a lesson. He gets his license and Snake doesn't, and yet, he still teases Snake. But when he's mocked Dwayne, and then Dwayne mocks him back at another time, using the word "dumb", then it's different. I'm glad Caitlin and him got to talk, but the phrase "when we were going together you had a lot more guts", can be disturbing. After all, she was the one who ended it. On the other hand, Joey shouldn't just try his best because of her; it needs to be for himself too. And it's also kinda good, or at least entertaining, to see Joey lash out at Caitlin after she says hi to him; and he knows she and Claude broke up. I generally don't believe in leaving one person for another, and this shows that that usually isn't a good base to start a relationship. Even though their breakup really had nothing to do with it. I love Maya. She is the most grace-filled person in the whole series. Caitlin betrayed her and pushed her aside for the sake of Claude and then when Claude betrayed her, she cancelled her doctor's appointment to be there for her in court. And Caitlin handled Claude well; to tell him he needs to come to court with her if he wants her to believe he's sorry. It just shows that he's still ultimately a coward. Except that Caitlin is never normally a violent person until this point. The part of the test where everyone cheats, that's highly amusing. Poor firstborns of such teachers. And then when Tessa kisses Alex on the cheek, well, foreshadowing of the future. Or did it lead him on? After all, he then developed a crush on her first.
  • Joey is diagnosed with a learning disability.


    "Testing 1...2...3" is a great Degrassi High episode. In this episode, Joey is diagnosed with Dysgraphia. I love how Joey was diagnosed with a learning disability because he was always having trouble in school. It was so cute how Joey was so upset about it. I love how Caitlin told him about her epilepsy. I love the subplot of everyone cheating on a test, so then the teacher makes the test harder to challenge them. I give this episode a 8.5/10.