Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 7

The All-Nighter

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 17, 1990 on CBC

Episode Recap

At school, Yick waits in the hallway, in front of the Girls' bathroom. Kathleen comes along and wants to go in, but Yick tells her to wait a minute. Luke comes out of the bathroom; he and Yick walk away. Kathleen goes in and puts a quarter in the feminine hygiene machine, but nothing happens. She bangs on the side of the machine, and two joints fall out; she sniffs them, and realizing what they are, puts them in her blouse pocket.

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In the hallway, some girls wish Diana a happy birthday. In the classroom, Caitlin, Maya, Melanie and Kathleen talk about the surprise party that they're going to have for Diana, going over what they've got and what they're bringing; Kathleen smiles and says that she'll be bringing her own surprise. Diana comes in and is suspicious, and asks what they're talking about; they pass it off as nothing. Diana asks Melanie if they're still going to the movies tonight, and they arrange a time for Diana to come by Melanie's house. Alex comes into class and asks the teacher for extra time for his essay, but the teacher tells him no, he's had a month already and he hasn't even handed in an outline yet, so he's not getting an extension. Alex tells Luke and Yick that he won't be able to play poker tonight, as he'll have to work on his essay, since he's supposed to go fishing with his father on Saturday and Sunday. Joey, sitting behind Luke and Yick, asks if he can come to the poker game, saying that he needs to get out of the house. Arthur comes in; he asks Yick if he wants to do something tonight, but Yick says he's already got plans for poker and invites Arthur to join them; Arthur is unwilling to go to Luke's place without an invitation, saying that Luke doesn't like him. Mr. Raditch comes in with a police officer, and announces that due to the recent drug problems they've been having at the school, they're doing random locker checks, and says that anyone with a locker in the north corridor should come with the officer and open their locker; Luke is one of the people who leaves for the locker check. Kathleen, during the announcement, looks quite nervous, but then relieved when she doesn't have to have her locker searched.

In the hallway, Yick asks Luke if Arthur can come to the poker game; Luke doesn't want him there, saying that he's a nerd, but then remembers that Arthur is rich, and guesses that he's probably never played poker before, so says he can come.

At Melanie's place, the girls decorate the house for the party. The doorbell rings, and they're worried that it's Diana, and they're not ready yet; it's Kathleen, who comes in and helps with the decorating.

At home, Alex sets his room up in preparation for starting his essay.

Yick arrives at Luke's place; they set up for the poker game and talk about the fact that Luke's parents are away for the weekend. Yick asks about alcohol, but Luke says that they locked the liquor cabinet, and as Yick is about to light a cigarette, Luke tells him that he can't smoke either, or else his parents will be able to smell it when they get back. Luke also comments that he can't believe that someone stole his dope from the Girls' bathroom, so that's out too.

Diana arrives at Melanie's place; the girls all yell "Surprise!" and tell her that it's a sleep-over; they have her pyjamas for her that her mother sent over. They start taking pictures and bring out the cake; the party begins.

At Luke's place, the guys are playing poker, betting a nickel, and discussing which girls they think are cute; Arthur comments that he thinks Caitlin is cute, but Joey calls her an Ice Princess. Luke wins the hand of poker; he suggests that they make it an all-nighter since his parents are away. Joey likes that idea since it will get him away from Wheels; he comments that it's weird having Wheels living at his house, and he's used to a little privacy. Arthur seems uncertain about the rules of poker, asking if three of a kind beats a full house.

At Melanie's house, the girls are getting ready for bed; they start to play Truth Or Dare. Kathleen asks Maya if she's ever tried drugs before; Maya says no. Kathleen holds up the two joints that she has, and asks, "Would anyone here like to?"

Alex is in his bedroom typing; it's late at night. His mother yells from the next room that he should stop making so much noise; Alex mutters that she should put a pillow over her head.

At Luke's place, the poker game is still going on, and the pot is growing. Joey folds, which leaves just Arthur and Luke playing. They continue betting, and then show their cards: Luke has three Queens, and Arthur says that he only has three 10s... and these two 2s; a full house. He seems not to know that this is a good hand, but the guys tell him that he's won the pot.

At Melanie's place, Melanie checks to make sure that her mother is asleep; Kathleen tells them that smoking marijuana is no big deal, and she did it all the time when she was dating Scott. She lights the joint, takes a drag, and then passes it to Diana, who says that she wants to try it. Caitlin says that she doesn't want any; Kathleen calls her "Little Miss Perfection" but Caitlin just says that she just doesn't want to do it. Maya says she'd like to try, and when she inhales, she starts coughing. Melanie takes the joint and takes a drag; she tells Kathleen that she didn't know Kathleen was such a law-breaker, and Kathleen says that there's lots that people don't know about her.

At Luke's place, the poker game continues with an even bigger pot; only Arthur and Luke are left in the game. Now they're betting quarters rather than nickels; Arthur raises things to a dollar bet. Luke folds, so Arthur wins; the doorbell rings and Arthur says that it's the pizza and he'll pay for it. The guys ask Luke what he had; his hand was two 10s, and when they check Arthur's cards, they find that he had nothing; he was bluffing. Luke can't believe that he got taken by a nerd; Joey and Yick laugh at him, and Luke admits that Arthur is good at bluffing. Arthur comes back with the pizza and tells them that he was bluffing all along; he knows how to play poker and he can't believe how gullible they all are.

At Melanie's place, Kathleen, Melanie and Diana are smoking the second joint. Melanie says that she feels weird, but she's not sure how she's supposed to feel; neither is Diana. They're laughing, and Caitlin warns them to be quiet, or else they might wake Melanie's mother up, but Melanie tells them that her mother can sleep through anything. Caitlin notices that Kathleen is being really quiet, and asks if she's okay; Kathleen says she's fine.

Alex does jumping jacks in his room to keep himself awake, and then sits down to the typewriter again, which has a pillow over top of it to muffle the sound.

At Luke's place, Arthur tells a ghost story and all the guys are laughing and having a good time; Arthur is part of the group, and so is Joey, who starts the next ghost story.

At Melanie's place, Diana and Melanie are giggling and talking, still wondering what they're supposed to feel like. Melanie wonders if there's any cake left and goes upstairs to check. ...Later on, Maya is asleep, Caitlin is yawning, and Melanie and Diana (who is finishing up the cake) are playing Truth Or Dare again. Diana asks Melanie if she's ever read anyone's diary, and Melanie says that she's read Kathleen's, and all it had in it was stuff about how Kathleen is anorexic, and her mother's an alcoholic, and how Scott used to beat her up. Kathleen is horrified that Melanie told these things and runs from the room, saying those weren't her secrets to tell; Melanie can't figure out what her problem is. Melanie just laughs; Maya wakes up and says that it's late and they should all go to sleep. Caitlin follows Kathleen outside, where she's sitting on the front steps, crying. Caitlin tells Kathleen that Melanie didn't mean it, she was just stoned and didn't really know what she was saying. Kathleen says that she didn't want anyone to know those things; Caitlin tells her that everyone kind of knew anyway, and that no one thinks less of Kathleen because of it.

The next morning: Alex's room is a mess of snack food wrappers and pop cans; he's asleep on the typewriter. At Luke's place, the guys are all asleep in the living room. At Melanie's place, the girls are all asleep, except for Melanie, who sits up and looks around, confused.

On Monday morning, at school, Alex tells Yick and Luke that he didn't go fishing with his father at all; he had to spend the whole weekend doing his essay, but he chose to do it about fishing. He asks about the poker game; they tell him that Arthur won. The girls talk about the party, and decide that they're not going to do drugs again, since it makes people do stupid things. In the school, Melanie approaches Kathleen at her locker, and apologizes for saying the things that she did, and adding that Kathleen is her best friend. Kathleen stares at her silently, so Melanie tells her again, "I'm really sorry," and Kathleen responds, "So am I," and walks away from her.