Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 7

The All-Nighter

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 17, 1990 on CBC

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  • Kathleen brings marijauna to to Diana's surprise birthday sleepover. Joey, Yick, and Arthur play poker all night

    There are so many funny things in this episode that happened. It's Diana's birthday in this episode. I find it weird that Kathleen is trying to get condoms. I wonder if that means something in future epiosodes. Anyways it's unusual for Kathleen to take the marijauna. It was wierd to see Melanie, Kathleen, and Diana smoking. It sucks that Kathleen and Melanie stop being friends again. Hopefully they make up in future episodes. Yick, Joey, and Arthur and play poker all night. It's surprising that Arthur was tricking them about not knowing how to play poker. Alex pulling an all nighter was kinda pointless in this episode because not much happened in this scenes he was in. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Diana's 16 and the girls throw her a sleepover party. Kathleen brings drugs,and the effects backfire against her when Melanie tells secrets. Alex does homework all weekend, freeing up Arthur to play poker with Yick and Luke, and Joey comes too.

    Ok, first of all it appears that Diana's brother George is giving her more freedom to actually allow this. Kathleen's bringing drugs, and then saying she did drugs with Scott; well, they never showed that. It's funny that they were hid in the girls' room by boys. But it also shows the real reasons why drugs can be bad; that they break down your defenses and judgment, as shown by Melanie revealing Kathleen's secrets throughout the whole series. And how it does different things to different people; Diane "not feeling anything", and Maya just coughs. As for Caitlin, she says her brother is married, and she's living with them. And he's younger than 20? Well, either he's her half-brother from one of her parents' pasts, or they were pregnant with him when they got married, and he got married awfully young too. But can afford a place with a second bedroom for Caitlin? Interesting. The poker game was fun. Especially how Luke only lets Arthur come because he's rich and probably doesn't know how to play. Why is Alex then allowed to play? I thought he was a nerd too. But that was funny how Arthur fooled them, and then became one of them. The talk about girls was revealing; how Joey is still bitter over Caitlin, Arthur still likes her, and I can't remember which one liked Maya; if only she wasn't in a wheelchair. And Joey showing his struggles with Wheels as a roommate. They never do show if Melanie and Kathleen are ever friends again. But obviously Kathleen is sorry she brought marijuana, or sorry she was friends with Melanie, and nothing is said about it again. That last scene was sad.
  • There are a couple of sleppovers with surprising results.

    The main point of this episode involves drugs. I like that they use marijuana instead of something harder. Marijuana can make people stupid and that's what happens. Melenie talks too much and Kathleen regrets her decision to get involved with drugs. Arthur makes new friends by being himself and Yik is happy.
  • this was a really good epesode.

    part 1:
    this was really funny, how aurther was pretending he could not play poker. i am glad they had fun.

    part 2:
    the girls party had two main components, secrets and drugs. i really like catlin in this epesode, she was the smartest. melanie was really mean even if it was the drugs. kathleen has gone through a lot. lots of great drama that keeps you woundering.

    part 3:
    the doing hw all night thing was sort of boring.