Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 12

Three's A Crowd

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 21, 1991 on CBC

Episode Recap

Snake and Spike study at her house in the kitchen; Snake takes Spike's face in his hands and tells her that he can't play these games any more, and he's crazy about her... Spike comes out of her day-dream with Emma calling her name, and Snake asking her if she's okay? She comments that she was miles away, and apologizes for not paying attention. [Opening credits.] Alison and Amy talk about going to the formal; both want to go, but only with the "right" boy; a senior. Spike and Snake come out of class and say that things went great, and they make great partners. Snake walks off to talk to Joey; Spike tells Liz that that Snake is smart and cute and she can't imagine what it was like for him to find Claude; Liz says that Spike should ask him to the formal. Elsewhere in the hallway, Michelle tells Alexa the same thing about Snake; that he's smart and cute, and it must have been horrible for him to find Claude's body. Alexa tells Michelle that she should ask him to the formal; Michelle says that Snake probably hates her after the way that their date went. Joey sees Michelle looking at Snake and tells him that he should ask her to the formal; Snake says that he's not ready to go out on dates yet, then changes his mind and says that maybe it would be good for him, but Michelle probably wouldn't want to go out with him, because their last date was a disaster; Joey points out that it was months ago, and she's probably forgotten all about it by now. Tessa helps Yick with his math in the library; he tells her that she has a sexy mind, and takes her hand; he asks her to the formal, then kisses her... Tessa comes out of her day-dream as Alex sits down between her and Yick. He tells Yick that he hardly ever gets to spend time alone with Tessa any more, so Yick leaves; as he goes, Tessa tells him that she'll see him later. Alex asks her what she means by 'later,' adding that she must have forgotten what day today is: their three-month anniversary. He gives her a present; a heart ring. He kisses her cheek and tells her that he hopes the next three months will be just as wonderful as the first three were. Spike approaches Snake in the library, and asks him to go to the formal with her. He starts laughing, then stands up and tells everyone that Spike just asked him to the formal; everyone laughs at Spike, and she runs out... Spike comes out of her day-dream with Liz telling her that she should ask Snake to go to the formal with her, and that if she doesn't try, she'll be mad at herself all summer. Spike goes over and sits beside Snake, and asks him if he's going to the formal. He says that he might go with some friends. Spike asks if he'd like to go with her, as friends; Snake says yes. Spike goes back to Liz, very happy that Snake said yes, and tells Liz that this is so cool, and she hasn't had fun in years.. In the hallway, Snake comes out of the library; Alexa tells Michelle that she should ask him to go to the formal, and if she waits too long, he'll have a girlfriend. Michelle approaches Snake and asks if he'd like to go to the formal with her; Snake is shocked but happy, then remembers, and tells her that he'd love to go, but he's already got a date for the formal. She tells him that it's okay, then leaves; Michelle tells Alexa that Snake already has a girlfriend, but she doesn't know who it is. Tessa helps Yick study his math again; she leans over his shoulder and watches as he does the math problem. He gets it right; she hugs him and he tells her that she's the best. Tessa kisses him; Tessa pulls back and says that she's sorry, and goes. Yick sits down looking stunned. In her room at home, Spike tries on a dress for the formal; baby Emma tells her she looks like a princess. Spike picks up Emma and they dance around the room. At school, Snake tells Joey that he's got two offers and he doesn't know if he wants to go to the formal at all now. He says that he has to go with Spike because she asked him first. Joey suggests that Snake explain things to her, as she said that they were just going as friends; he says that if Snake explains, Spike will understand. Spike is at her locker; Snake sees her and approaches her to talk. She tells him that she's got great news; her mom will baby-sit Emma the night of the formal, and she's really looking forward to it because she hasn't been to a dance in a long time. Snake asks why not, and she laughs and points out that she has a baby, so doesn't get out much, adding that the formal will be really special. She heads off to class, leaving Snake standing there, muttering that it will be special. In the bathroom, Tessa tells Dorothy about kissing Yick, and says that Alex is nice, but it's been three whole months that they've been dating. Tessa says that she likes Yick; Dorothy tells her that if that's how she feels, then she has to break up with Alex; Tessa is worried that Yick doesn't like her the same way. Dorothy asks if Tessa is only going to break up with Alex when she knows that she has a back-up boyfriend, adding that Tessa should do the right thing. Tessa agrees, and says that she'll talk to Alex. In the hallway, Yick tells Arthur and Luke about Tessa kissing him; he says that he didn't do anything at all, it was all her. They tell him that he should tell Alex about it, but Yick says that he's not going to say anything, that's up to Tessa. In the classroom, Tessa comes over and wants to talk to him; Yick tells her that the kiss shouldn't have happened, and she agrees, telling him that she was planning to break up with Alex anyway. Alex comes in and looks suspiciously at Yick and Tessa. During class, Tessa comes up to Alex and tells him that it's not working, they should split up. He says that he's glad to hear her say that, and they should just be friends, adding that she and Yick would make a great couple... Tessa comes out of her day-dream as the bell rings; she tells Alex that she wants to talk to him, but can't go through with what she knows she has to say, and only tells him that she wanted to thank him for the ring. In the locker room, Arthur tells Yick that he shouldn't have kissed Tessa; Yick says that it wasn't his fault, she kissed him, and he couldn't help it. Luke asks what Yick is going to do about Alex, pointing out that Alex is his friend. Yick says that he's not going to tell Alex anything; it's up to Tessa to talk to him. As they leave the locker room, Alex is waiting outside; he asks Yick how the tutoring sessions are going. Yick, thinking Alex knows everything, spills the beans and tells him that Tessa kissed him first, and she was going to break up with Alex anyway. Alex is shocked to hear this, and pushes Yick, telling him, "I thought we were friends!" The coach comes out, so they stop fighting. In the library, Snake and Joey come in and see Michelle; Joey tells Snake to go explain things to her. Snake tells her that he wants to talk about the formal and she says that she understands, but Snake tells her that she doesn't. Michelle says that she couldn't expect him to wait around for her; he tells her that Spike asked him to go to the formal, he didn't ask her, and that if he knew that Michelle liked him, he wouldn't have said yes to Spike as he likes Michelle too. He quickly adds that he likes Spike, but not the way that he likes Michelle, he only likes her as a friend. Meanwhile, on the other side of the bookshelf, Spike and Liz are sitting at a table, hearing the entire conversation. At home, Spike sits in her room, looking at her dress for the formal. She's upset, and asks Emma to give her a big bear-hug. Tessa waits in the hall/ when Alex comes by, she takes him aside and tells him that she's sorry, and she knows that she should have said something but didn't want to hurt him. He asks her why she doesn't like him; Tessa explains that she does like him, and he's a nice person, very smart and nice, but she just doesn't want to date him any more. She gives him the ring back, and says that she hopes they can still be friends. Alex tells her that he doesn't think that they can, and walks away. Spike and Liz walk down the hall; they see Snake talking to Michelle, so Spike goes over and asks to talk to Snake. Michelle says that she'll leave, but Spike tells her that she doesn't have to; she then tells Snake that she's sorry, but she can't go to the formal with him, because she has a family thing to go to and she'd forgotten about it. Snake tells her that he's sorry to hear that, and it would have been fun; as Spike walks away, he tells her that it was nice of her to ask him to go, and she responds that it was nice of him to say yes.