Degrassi High

Season 2 Episode 12

Three's A Crowd

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 21, 1991 on CBC

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  • Heartbreak Dance

    A lot of us always have romantic fantasies about a certain someone we have the strongest attraction toward. The tragidy about that is those fantasies don't always corespond with reality. This story is intresting because it's one of those rare romance stories that are unromantic. Theme in this is mainly on heartbreak. We see two stories which parallel this theme: One is on the coople Tessa and Alex, Tessa's feelings toward Alex as we see are disentigrating and are shifting toward another, and that of course leads to the road to break up. This story conveys a truth to why people break up, and why there can't always be a friendship afterward. We never really know why one want to break up with the other, who knows may'be the magic in their current relationship is gone or something got lost along the way. A love relationship and friendship are the same thing sometimes, no one can really be friends once one has broken up with the other, because one or the other winds up hurt, so their can be no bridge. And I really felt for Alex because that was something that I've been though.

    But the real primary focus is one Snake and Spike. We actually are one Spike's side thoughout this whole episode and emphisise with what shes feeling. We want her to get Snake, because her feelings for him are real and warm, both of them feel right together. And were hoping Snake will go out with Spike and just give her a try, but most of all get over his damn nerotism. Unfortunately he picks Michelle over Spike, it makes dramatic sense but left a rather bitter taste in my mouth.

    Don't get me wrong I find Michelle attractive and a good character, but she can be a little too emotional sometimes which makes her break down at the most inaproprate times and places (remember when both Snake and Michelle went to the movies together one time). That is why I'm attracted to Spike the most she's just more down to earth, and it was just heart sinking seeing that look of disapointment on her face when she saw Snake ask out Michelle, it's that same feeling I have whenever there is that one girl I'm attracted to over all the others, but when I actually heard or saw she was going out with someone else I felt like someone just kicked me in the stomach, it's that painful.

    However I wouldn't right off this episode as being completely sad. In fact strangely this could be seen as slightly prolific for both Snake and Spike. The fantasy at the begining of the episode As we see in a dream sequence she has this fantasy that Snake acts as a bit of a father figure to Emma and as the two are studying they both kiss.
    This fortold what happens to the two in Degrassi: The Next Generation. Where the two are grown up in their thirties, they do get together. And they get married and have a kid of their own. So, that's what I call romantic irony.
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