Degrassi Junior High

Season 3 Episode 14

Black & White

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Feb 20, 1989 on CBC

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  • Michelle introduces BLT to her parents. They forbid her from going to the dance with him. Michelle presses her mom, who confirms her fears, saying she is best to stick with her own race. Spike applies for a bus-boy job and gets rejected for her hair.

    This is a favorite episode; Michelle is one of my favorite characters. Shows that racism isn't over in the 80s yet. And Michelle and BLT are such a good couple; helping each other, not just making out. I love the part when the girls are talking, and Alexa says her parents don't even like her going with Simon. Michelle wonders how she can still date him, and they laugh. Not every girl knows how to manipulate her parents like they do. But we never see Alexa's home, so we don't know. She's Greek, so all I can imagine is references to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But not everyone can. It depends on the relationship, the methods of discipline used, and so on. And it appears Michelle is an only child too. Michelle's mom's saying she can still go to the dance, but with her girlfriends? I'm sorry, but that's hardly possible. Then what's the difference if she goes with him? They won't be there to see she doesn't dance with him anyway. I understand thinking she's too young to have a serious boyfriend, but a dance is a supervised thing in school. But maybe she's saying that to be a mediator; foreshadowing of their marriage breakdown in the next season. Oh, her mom was showing a house. In the next season, Michelle says her mom wanted to go back to school, but her dad made her stay home? And she still does this work? Well, maybe it's only very part-time; like when he's at work only.