Degrassi Junior High

Season 3 Episode 16

Bye-Bye Junior High

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Mar 06, 1989 on CBC
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At the end of the school year, Joey asks Caitlin to the graduation dance. Ms. Avery informs Spike that her grades were poor and encourages her to make them up in correspondence courses. Faulty wiring is constantly causing the fire alarm to go off, so students are reluctant to believe that there may real danger when it interrupts their end-of-the-year dancemoreless

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  • It's the graduation dance.

    "Bye Bye Junior High" is a great Degrassi Junior High season finale. I love how Joey did so well on his report card. But it's so awful that he got that on "C" meaning he couldn't attend the dance. I love how his mom said he could go to the dance anyways because it didn't matter the grades he got, as long as he improved. Spike is such a smart student and it's sad that she didn't do well on exams because she's too busy taking care of Emma. I love how Ms. Avery suggested to take corresponence courses. The fire at the end of this episode was so intense. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • It's the end of the year. Joey passes grade 8 well enough, Wheels passes grade 9 with grace, and Spike struggles too. Shane comes to the dance using a walker. Scooter and Tessa play tag and discover a fire.moreless

    Most interesting how the school would just happen to burn down at the end of the year. Though it would also be better than the middle of the year, so everyone would have their stuff out by now. It was sad how Joey almost didn't get to go to the dance, because of one C, and he and Caitlin are on the rocks because of it. Sweet how that ends, though. Wheels passed the same way Joey did the previous year, but showing significant improvement in his efforts near the end helped. Very nice of them, though they probably should still keep an eye on him that he lives up to that still. And I love how he came to the dance with LD. They make a good couple, or at least good friends, with having lost a parent in common. Spike's part makes for interesting reality. Especially when she vents that she should never have had, or kept, Emma. And Ms Avery tells her she should be thankful she can have children. I think that rings true for later in DTNG when she and Snake are about to get married and find out they're pregnant with Jack. And how ironic that after that, Snake would get cancer and that'd decrease the chances of them having a planned child. I love that after that, Spike agrees to correspondence courses. Good to see Shane back; I'm surprised he was able to somehow get out when the fire hit. I thought they might've had him die. I missed the part in the last episode where he wakes up; I guess I gotta get it on DVD.moreless
  • Time to say goodbye and move on, in more ways than one...

    As the end of the school year comes to a close, many questions are left to be answered, will Joey and Caitlin ever have a successful date, will Wheels pass after all the school he’s missed, will Spike be able to continue her education, and what’s up with that flammable stuff the janitors keep rolling around the school?

    After being in DeGrassi for one last year, the ninth graders are ready for the new challenge of high school, but there’s question as to who will move on. Joey, who has made a deal with his parents that he can attend the dance only if he brings home A’s and B’s, gets a fabulous report card, with only one C, in French. He’s crushed because of their deal, but his mom is so thrilled that he got two A’s that she convinces his father to let him go. Joey really wants to go with Caitlin. Meanwhile, Wheels is concerned that he might be left back because he missed so much school after his parents died. Mr. Garcia, the ninth grade math teacher, informs Wheels that he did pass, just barely. Another person concerned about passing is Spike, who was a straight A student until she decided to keep her baby, Emma, rather than give her up for adoption. Ms. Avery shows up at Spike’s mom’s beauty salon and tells her that she can still go to high school with her classmates if she attends summer school. Spike wants no parts of it and considers dropping out, since she is of legal age to do so anyway.

    So…we move on to the dance. Everybody’s coming dressed in their after-five best, and Joey is nervously awaiting Caitlin’s arrival at the school. She comes in a fabulous dress and he gives her flowers. Shane, who needs a walker to get around, shows up with Luke, the boy who’s partially responsible for his accident. Spike finds Ms. Avery and tells her that she wants to sign up for summer school. In the meantime, Scooter and Tessa, two immature eighth graders, are playing a game of Tag rather than mind the refreshment table. Their game takes them near the boiler room and Scooter thinks he smells smoke. Tessa touches the door and snatches her hand away. They open the door and see that the boiler room is in flames. Nobody knows that the flammable material is stored in the boiler room and the flames are getting dangerously close…

    The kids run back to the gym and try to tell everyone that there’s a fire, but the others just blow them off, thinking it’s a joke. Finally they have the good sense to tell Mr. Raditch, who’s the DJ for the evening. Mr. Raditch turns off the record player and can hear the fire alarm. He orders everyone outside. Still, nobody realizes that this isn’t a drill and they are moaning and groaning until the flames finally reach the flammable stuff and they hear a terrifying explosion. Fortunately, everyone makes it out unhurt and the kids and faculty must watch helplessly as their beloved school goes up in flames.

    Everytime I see this episode, it brings tears to my eyes. I watched Degrassi Junior High when I myself was in junior high and I could really identify with a lot of the characters. As much as I hated to go to school, I know it would’ve broken my heart if it caught on fire and I was right there. The series ended on a happy note for some characters, but definitely on a sad note for all.

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