Degrassi Junior High

Season 3 Episode 1

Can't Live With 'Em (1)

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Nov 07, 1988 on CBC
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Can't Live With 'Em (1)
The new school year begins with Wheels' parents forbidding him to hang out with Joey, as a continuing punishment for their joyride last year. As The Zit Remedy prepares to finally record a demo of "everybody wants something," Wheels is forced to sneak out to Joey's house to record while his parents are at the movies. When Wheels arrives home, he's shocked to learn his parents have been killed by a drunk driver. Yick becomes suspicious when Arthur shows up on the first day of school wearing an expensive leather jacket and telling tales of Stephanie being sent away to an even more expensive private school. Meanwhile, Lucy catches the eye of Paul while at Borden High, Kathleen rejects Melanie's offer to be her campaign manager for the looming election, and Spike keeps Shane away from their baby girl, Emma.moreless

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  • Wheel's parents won't allow him to hang out with Joey.

    "Can't Live With 'Em" Part 1 is an intense season premiere. In this episode, Wheel's is fighting with his parents because they won't allow him to hang out with Joey anymore. The end of the episode was intense with Wheel's finding out his parents have been killed in car accident by a drunk driver. I actually liked Stephanie, and it's sad that she was written off the show and gone to private school. I give this episode a 9/10moreless
  • "Parents! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em..."

    It's a new school year at Degrassi Junior High. The ninth graders are excited that they will have science labs at Borden High School. The Zit Remedy's off to a great start. They are ready to record their hit "Everybody Wants Something"...but Wheel's parents have forbade him to see Joey anymore. Not a problem: Wheels changes his mind about going to the movies with his parents, and instead goes over to Joey's to record their song. He is greeted at home by the police and his grandma, telling him that his parents were killed by a drunk driver.

    Neil Hope's acting was absolutely superb. The look of shock on his face when his grandma breaks the news is unforgettable. Lucy catches the eye of an eleventh-grader at Borden (she has gotten noticeably prettier this semester).

    Spike gave birth to Emma, and Shane returns from summer camp.

    Bartholamew Bond joins the 7th grade.moreless
  • It is the beginning of the new school year. Arthur tries to hide the fact that his mom won the lottery. The Zit Remedy tries to practice, but Wheels' parents won't let him see Joey anymore. He sneaks out and comes home to find out they're dead.moreless

    There is a lot happening in this episode. Good to tie up loose ends. Stephanie is now in private school, so we don't see her again. But no explanation of Susie and Rick being gone. Spike has had baby Emma, and she kept her. And she was premature and stayed in hospital for awhile. And "almost died". Interesting how Emma later becomes a health food freak, and has a bout with anorexia. But otherwise she's normal. Wheels' comments about how he could sure live without his parents shows interesting prophecy, in what happened. I don't know, though, how Wheels' parents could just go to the movie without him, with things the way they were; did it not even occur to them that he might use this opportunity to go to Joey's? I get both points of view, and it's painful to see how they clash. Hearing the boys comment on their parents and how they can't wait to move out, well, does any teen want their friends to know how they get spoiled by their parents? As they both point out, Joey's parents seem to let him do whatever; no update on how they felt when he re-claimed the keyboard. Maybe they then felt he'd been punished enough. Oh, and no mention whatsoever about Joey's 3 siblings. And his parents aren't even there; did they go to the movie too? Snake is so practical, with saying "no one to do your laundry". But even in DTNG, we don't see Joey going back to his mom with laundry, and he does have to do it since his wife died. Unless Craig does. I get how Arthur would try to hide the news of the lottery. People who win the lottery, sometimes they get treated like celebrities and have to change their name and start all over. But it only took so long for Yick to figure it out; leather jacket, Stephanie in private school, and so on. No mention as of yet about who won the custody battle or on Jerry as a step-dad. It was so sad to see Wheels come home and see cop cars and then his grandma telling him the sad news.moreless
  • It is the beginning of a new school year. Since Wheels\' parents won\'t let him hang around with Joey, he sneaks out while they are at the movies. When he returns he finds that they were killed by a drunk driver.moreless

    This was a very sad episode. There was absolutely nothing bad about it. Neil Hope\'s acting was the best I'd seen him do. When I saw this episode, I knew what was going to happen because I had read about it. It totally lived up to my expectations. I am a sucker for drama so this was very interesting to me. It was really sad at the end when Wheels came home. What was even sadder was the fact that he was mad at his parents and they never got a chance to make up. Part 2 of this episode was so sad it made me want to cry. He isolated himself from his friends and was very irritable. That was a very realistic situation as well. I am a huge Degrassi fan and Wheels is my favorite character so I would have to say this is my favorite episode.moreless
  • In the season 4 opener, tears fly out of your face when Wheels parents get killed in a drunk driving accident. Wheels sort of becomes a outsider, and gets mad at Joey. Snake won't even talk to him, and Wheels wishes he was in the car with his parents.moreless

    In the season 4 opener, tears fly out of your face when Wheels parents get killed in a drunk driving accident. Wheels sort of becomes a outsider, and gets mad at Joey. Snake won't even talk to him, and Wheels wishes he was in the car with his parents.

    I really wanted to see this episode, and it was so amazings. Neil Hopes acting in this is amzing. I was crying at points, and thats saying something, because very a few movies could make me do that. I wish Wheels was included in the Next Generation class, somehow. He was in two.

    Best Degrassi Ever!!!moreless
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