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Degrassi Junior High

Season 3 Episode 9

Food for Thought

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Jan 23, 1989 on CBC
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Episode Summary

Kathleen develops anorexia in the midst of a constantly stressful homelife. While working on a science fair project together, Melanie reads Kathleen's diary and discovers the source of Kathleen's horrible mood swings to be the product of starvation. After passing out during the science fair, Melanie realizes she has to get Kathleen help. Heather and Erica, who are doing their science fair project on eating disorders, falsely believe Lucy is anorexic and warn Alexa about the dangers involving the crash diet she has in mind. Meanwhile, Scooter and Bartholomew think they have discovered a breakthrough involving junk food during their science fair project involving a male and female rat, only to discover the female rat is pregnant.moreless

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    I love all the "eating disorder" episodes on teen dramas and this one was quite realistic! This is my first time watching this show actually. I really liked all the characters, especially Melanie & Kathleen who took the fore front in this episode.

    It was much more realistic than the TNG spin on it 20 years in the future. You really feel for Kathleen in the episode with her perfectionism and her mom being an alcoholic and on top of that her eating disorder.

    This show also has a great balance of comedy and drama what with those twins suspecting that Lucy had an eating disorder, it was actually pretty funny. As were Alexa and Simon. Solid episode of this show, possibly my favorite.moreless
  • Kathleen develops anorexia.

    "Food For Thought" is one of my favourite Degrassi Junior High episodes. It makes it into My Top 5 Degrassi Junior High episodes. In this episode, Kathleen develops anorexia. This is one of my favourite Kathleen plots. It makes so much sense that Kathleen develops anorexia because she's a perfectionist. And she also has an awful home life, with an absent father and an alcoholic mother. It was so intense how Kathleen passed out in the halls. I love how Heather and Erica do their science fair project on eating disorders and I love how Heather is convinced Lucy is anorexic. Alexa says on my favourite line in this episode.Alexa: I wish I had some anorexiaErica: It can kill you.Alex: OhI don't know if that's exactly how it went, but it was funny. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • Kathleen calls herself fat, and keeps on not eating or keeping food in her. Melanie worries about her and reads her diary. Alexa looks at quick weight loss solutions. Erica and Heather do a science fair project on eating disorders.moreless

    It's good they brought up anorexia and bulimia, and various forms of it. And how a friend can and does react. I couldn't help feeling sorry for Melanie for being stuck in that position. But I don't blame her for worrying about her. Again, Kathleen is trying to control everything, since she can't control anything at home. We see that in the beginning with her parents arguing about parenting her; her dad's being away and her mom's drinking. Alexa's part is kind of amusing. Kind of explains why men now won't comment on their womens' weight, because they can't say anything right. Sounds like Simon learned that early, which is fitting for their then getting married so young. It's typical for someone doing a project on something to see signs that almost aren't there, like Heather seeing it in Lucy. I've done that too. The part with Scooter and Bartholomew doing a project on junk food vs healthy food is really funny.moreless
  • Kathleen has an eating disorder.

    I thought this was the best episode ever and I really liked the ending that it was so real becouse in other shows the person admits they dont eat but in this show it was more real and katleen said "I dont have a problem" but the thing I didnt liked was it was almost like they thought only girls can have eating disorders but since it was the 80's they thougt that so I dont blame them but you should see this episode if you want to see what anerixia really is whithout the ending where the person just starts eating agian.moreless
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