Degrassi Junior High

Season 2 Episode 12

He's Back

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Mar 21, 1988 on CBC
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The substitute teacher from "A Helping Hand" (season 2, episode 2) is back, only this time is teaching Susie's class. Lucy warns Susie to be careful around him, but Susie doesn't know what she means by this. After the teacher touches Susie; her, Lucy, L.D. and Wheels report him to the principal. Alex, the school treasurer, comes up with many ideas to raise money to finish the yearbook.moreless

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  • Mr. Colby is back.

    "He's Back" is just as creepy as "A Helping Hand". In this episode, Mr. Colby is back and his next victim is Susie. It's awful that Lucy is having nightmares about him, and it's even awful that he returns. I felt so bad for Susie. It was so heartbreaking when Mr. Colby tries to seduce Susie and she's crying. I love how she's able to escape him. It was so sad how Susie went to pick up her sister and she's crying and her sister gives her a hug. I love how Lucy explained what Mr. Colby try to do to her. And I love how Lucy, Susie, L.D., Wheels, all went to the secretary to report Mr. Colby. I give this episode a 10/10moreless
  • Mr. Creepy's back...and now he has his eyes on Susie...

    Mr. Creepy returns to DJH to sub for Ms. Avery! Melanie thinks he's the hottest thing since sliced bread, and Susie thinks he's just a nice guy. And a nice guy he seemed-he offers to help Susie work on the yearbook. Unfortunately, he puts his creepy moves on her, and she takes off. Although Lucy tried to warn her, she didn't believe her. This time, with the continued support of L.D. and Wheels, they report Mr. Creepy to the principal. Thank God he was reported before he could get his hands on yet another vulnerable young girl. What a creep!moreless
  • Mr Colby is substituting for Ms Avery. Lucy is uncomfortable but tries to hide it. Until she finds out Susie is his next victim, and they both report it. Alex is going crazy finding a quick fundraiser for the yearbook.moreless

    This was a really good episode. At first in hearing the previews I thought maybe Mr Colby had reformed and was trying to prove himself. But it shows Lucy's fears, and also how when something like this happens, unless someone tells, it will keep on happening. One key part is when Mr Colby chases after Lucy in the gym, and he said "if anything had happened you would have told someone. But you didn't." It was almost like he was asking for it. Like he needs help and knows it, and is challenging Lucy to report him. Melanie is totally infatuated with him; sometimes I wonder then why she didn't offer to help Susie after school. Susie isn't as vulnerable as Lucy, except that she is working on yearbook stuff alone, and almost no one can help. Though Caitlin says she will "next time". Maybe she's restricting herself because of her epilepsy. But Susie just talks and talks, kind of the same way she did when she and Caitlin were alone in the darkroom processing pictures, and they'd wondered if Caitlin was gay. And they do portray Mr Colby as a good teacher; talks about relevance of commercials and stuff like that and they actually learn. What we do learn about Susie is that she has a younger sister, Norah-Jean. Looks like about 5-6 years younger. And her mother "always calls her immature". That's typical for a firstborn; wanting them to grow up fast, and be a good example to younger sibling(s). But that's about it. That part where Lucy can tell that Susie's been there too; that was quite touching. Especially when they were all hugging and crying. And the fact that Mr Colby called in sick the next day; maybe he sort of saw that coming. And Lucy volunteering, well, maybe that's what she needed all along. To be able to be out there helping other kids whose parents are also busy. And the parts with Alex and the yearbook, that was just comic relief.moreless
  • Mr Colby returns as a substitute for Ms. Avery's class, and sets his eyes on Susie.

    This episode is one of the greatest ideas in Degrassi history. Not only did they cover the issue of a teacher molesting a student in "A Helping Hand", but they were bold enough to bring Mr. Colby BACK to do it again.

    Lucy acts as if she's ok, but she's obviously not whenever Mr. Colby is in sight. I like the use of Susie's sister Norah-Jean as sort of a connection between Susie and Lucy, so it's not as if it's just two random people were getting molested by Mr. Creepy. The contradiction of how Lucy saw Mr. Colby as compared to Melanie was drastic: Lucy saw him as the devil himself, while Melanie drooled over him the entire episode. This just goes to show that there is always more than what meets the eye.

    Lucy went through what most people who are victims of sexual harassment face: not wanting to report it because she would feel embarassed if people knew about it. I liked how Wheels and L.D. supported Lucy and pushed her to tell the truth. The turning point for Lucy was seeing that Mr. Colby touched Susie as well, and she did not want anyone to go through what she went through. This was an excellent episode (one of the best of the series), and an excellent follow-up to the Lucy/Colby storyline.moreless
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Anais Granofsky

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Mr. Colby seems to prefer African-American girls-his first victim being Lucy (who is African American and Caucasian), and in this episode, his victim is Susie.

    • When Lucy tells Susie that she's doing community work in the daycare centre, Susie says that she thought Lucy's community service was over. This is an indirect reference to the events in What A Night!, where Lucy was arrested for shoplifting. In Revolution!, Lucy told Doris Bell that her court date was coming up in the Spring. In this episode, it's exam-time, so we can presume that Lucy has been to court and received a sentence that included community service work, which she's now completed, but is continuing to work in the daycare as a volunteer.

    • Louella the janitor usually has blonde hair, but in this episode it's black.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Doris: ...Yes?
      Lucy: We'd like to see Mr. Lawrence please.
      Doris: It would have to be very important.
      Susie: .....It is....

    • Lucy: Susie, did he touch you? Tell me!
      Susie: What do you care?!?! (walking away)
      Lucy: Because he did it to me too.

    • Mr. Colby: Lucy, don't be scared of me. We used to be friends. What you saw just now it wasn't what you think. I was just helping.
      Lucy: Right, like you helped me?

    • Susie: I wonder why he doesn't have a regular job?
      Caitlin: I think he's kinda creepy.
      Melanie: Wrong Caitlin. Not creepy, SEXY! There's a big difference.

    • Mr. Lawrence: (over the intercom) Our thought for the day is HONESTY. Remember, it's one policy with no expiring date.

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