Degrassi Junior High

Season 2 Episode 13

Pass Tense

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Mar 28, 1988 on CBC
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It's the end of the school year and Joey wants the band he formed with Snake and Wheels to perform at the graduation dance. It is then announced that the eighth grade class will return to Degrassi in the fall, as the school is adding a ninth grade. Mr. Raditch informs Joey that he has to repeat the eighth grade due to poor marks. Joey doesn't want to perform at the graduation dance after this, but Wheels and Snake convince him to. Also, at the dance, Spike goes into labor.moreless

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  • The Zit Remedy perform at the dance.

    "Pass Tense" is a great season 2 finale! It so intense how everyone is stressing about exams. It was so awesome how Joey was so excited to perform at the dance, but then it was devastating how he found out he's repeating the 8th grade. I love how Joey attended the dance anyways and he performed with Wheels and Snake. "Everybody Wants Something" by The Zit Remedy is the best version of the song in this episode. It was so awesome how Spike went into labour at the dance. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Joey flunks the 8th grade, and Spike goes into labor.

    Poor Joey. He has to repeat the 8th grade because he spent the entire school year focused on the Zit Remedy. You rarely saw Joey studying or even talking about schoolwork. So, his flunking shouldn't have been such a big surprise to him. But, he is crestfallen and didn't want to play in front of his schoolmates at the end of the year dance. Wheels convinces him to do it-reminding Joey that the audience are his peers and friends.

    Degrassi JH is adding a 9th grade, much to the dismay of the 8th graders, who were looking forward to going to high school. Stephanie declares that she is going to a real high school (and she did...she went to a private school).

    Spike (who got all A's), goes to the dance and has a great time grooving to the Zit Remedy...then KABLAM! She goes into labor six weeks early. Stay tuned for season three to find out what happens... :-)moreless
  • Exams are here, and everyone is stressed except Joey, and then he's the one who has to repeat grade 8. Grade 9 is added to Degrassi next year, so it causes some tension when it comes to graduation plans. Spike goes into labour at the dance.moreless

    A great episode to close the season. How interesting how Joey is the least worried about exams, especially with his attitude of "you only need 51%". And then he gets just that, and it's not enough. I love how Mr Raditch says "as someone who, believe it or not, likes you, this is very hard". Teachers are interesting that way; acting like they don't like certain students, and then rave about them behind their backs. I'm glad they brought Spike back, and that she's being helped to get her year, and live relatively normal in spite of what parents think. Having her go into labour at the end, perfect cliffhanger! The part about grade 9 being added, well, how often do schools do that? It's disappointing, but I'm not sure how realistic. But any such changes in any schools always brings tension. And it's good that they then changed the "graduation dance" to sort of an end-of-school dance. The grade 7s need to celebrate the end of the year too.moreless
  • Everybody is stressing about exams. The one person who isn't is Joey, but he should be. He finds out that he has flunked. The Zits want to play at the dance, where Spike goes into labor.moreless

    I really liked this episode. First of all, Joey really wants the Zit Remedy to perform at the grade eight graduation dance. All he focuses on is the band so it really wasn't a surprise that he doesn't pass. Even so, it was a great episode. The Zit Remedy is always entertaining and of course they end up playing at grad. When the grade 8's learn there will be a grade 9 at Degrassi the next year, they are all disappointed. It gets very interesting at the very end when Joey shows up at the dance, dispite his failure, and Spike goes into labour during the Zits song. I think this is one of the best episodes in the series.moreless
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