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  • I love this show. It's the best teen drama of the late 80's/early 90's. This show is about kids entering junior high school. On seasons 1-3, some were in the seventh and eighth grades. They graduated from junior high school. They entered high school.

    I really enjoyed this when I was in grade school. I was too young to remember when the show started. I was six years old and a kindergardner in grade school when the show started. I was eight years old and a second grader in grade school. That was the show that paved the way for "Beverly Hills 90210", "My So-Called Life", "Party of Five", "Dawson's Creek", "The OC", and "One Tree Hill". The characters on the show are great. They talk about teen issues that we have to deal with. Some fo the characters on the show did return on "Degrassi: The Next Generation".
  • A perfectly real show.

    Ah, Canadian Melodrama. Degrassi Junior High was and still is my favorite TV show. The characters were all teens going through real problems such as peer pressure, sex, drugs, alcohol, child abuse, eating disorders and much more. Each actor was untrained to add to the realism and no adult was given screen time with out one of the children appearing at the same time. The first episode, Kiss Me, Steph, was perfect at tackling the issue of girls who wanted to be more mature. To give the actors boosts of realism the writers got many ideas of episodes from the teens personal experiences. This show was AMASSING!
  • A wonderful Canadian Teen show that I got to see in Australia in 1994 that still has a message relevant for today's youth.

    I live in Australia and I remember it showing on ABC every afternoon at 4pm back in 1994 I was about 10 years old at the time and although some of the things that went on may have went over my head I enjoyed watching it. I still Love this Canadian teen show the messages that they told are still relevant for today's youth they were dealing with the big issues before anyone else was in a realistic view like teen pregnancy, teen sex, dating and everyday teen issues. I feel these days everyone seems to be too caught up being PC over everything that teen shows seem to be touching these subjects rarely or in a fairly watered down view.

    I'm glad that this is now out on DVD and is re-airing on some channels as I love watching Spike, Wheels, Joey and the others again on the TV.

    I recommend watching this as it its good to watch despite some of the daggy fashion that was the 80's. :P
  • I'd like to see it again.

    I think I must have seen watched this show during my pre-teen years in the late 80's, although I didn't get to see much of it. It was shown on PBS, in the evening. As a student of a small private christian school living in a small christian town, the show seemed very gritty and exotic to me. I remember my father disapproved of my watching the show after my parents and I saw the episode where the older brother of one of the students, who had been a star basketball player at Degrassi, came out of the closet, and also because Spike was pregnant. (Years later, when I attended private christian high school a girl who was a grade ahead of me was kicked out for being pregnant.) I remember the student (someone here said his name was Snake) was walking down a sidewalk with his brother when the latter informed him that he'd be going away to live with "his friend" and that they'd "be doing a lot of stuff together". Snake didn't understand, and neither did I, but when he heard this I remember my dad let out a groan of recognition, and in my mind that suddenly gave a sinister element to the news that Snake was about to hear. At the time I was just beginning to sense that I liked other guys, that this made me different, and that maybe this was something I should be ashamed of and keep a secret, (which I did until high school), which is why that episode made a particular impression on me.

    Of course like everyone else I also remember Spike, who at the time didn't look like anyone I'd ever even seen before. I also remember the episode with the bulemic girl who wouldn't eat at school, saying she wasn't hungry, but when she got home with her friend, her mom made cookies for them and she started scarfing them down like crazy. And then her friend said something like "god, I KNEW you were hungry", and she suddenly froze, then ran to the bathroom and started barfing in the toilet.
  • spike and shane took over as the stars. alexa became a great character. the zit remedy never learned another song.

    season2 was even better than season one. there was not a weak episode in the enitre season, unlike season one which had many bad episodes. the acting was much better. the stories were much better. the production was much better.

    season 1 was almost non stop hilarity, with the kids engaging in some truly outrageous behaviour. season 2 was a lot more serious. Spike took over from stephanie as the star of the show. for most of the season steph was minor character, still acting childish, trying to steal simon away from alexa. its hard to pick the best episodes because they were all so good, but the ones I liked were eggbert, a helping hand (this could be the best of them all), dinner and a show, sealed with a kiss, and dog days.
  • One of the BEST television series in television history!

    Degrassi Junior High is in a class of its own! One of the BEST shows all around. Definitely better than Degrassi TNG. Degrassi Junior High deals with REAL issues, and these issues are not solved in a 30-minute episode! In DJH we are introduced to an ensemble cast of amateur, real-life kids, who did their own make-up and wore their own clothes. The kids looked normal, as opposed to Degrassi TNG, where the characters look like they've stepped out of a 90210 episode! Be refreshed by a show that is real, that makes you think, and that entertains you all at the same time!
  • The only Degrassi Generation show I liked. Extremely captivating and addicting.

    This show was awesome. No, wait, it was beyond awesome. As a kid in my generation, it wasn't appealing at first because it wasn't as high-tech and traditional as the shows we have now but it still attracted me into watching it.

    And, after seeing a few episodes, I was glad I did. The generation they show now was too annoying and stupid for my taste. Sure, it's the same thing over and over again just with different generations but this one made it worth watching.

    The fact that it was set in the 80's made it more appealing. It was a look back into what our parents were probably like and it was definately an awesome expierence to watch this. In a few episodes, this series was ahead of it's time but that only made me watch it more. If you haven't seen it, you should go to YouTube or another episode provider and pull up a chair with popcorn. You should definately check it out.
  • This is where it all began - and then we had Degrassi High, and "School's Out", and now the next gen. But here is where we fell in love with Joey and cried for Wheels and began this great journey.

    Oh, Degrassi Junior High. Spike got preganant and kept her baby, all the way with Stephanie Kaye, and Kathleen had both an alcoholic mother and anorexia. I missed Stephanie after she left the show. I always thought it would have been interesting to see how she ended up in high school after being the popular, slutty dresser in junior high. Who didn't feel for wheels when his parent's died and wondered what the heck would happen to them if thier own parents died. Caitlin has epilepsy, but then they never seem to touch on it again? I was nine when this show began, so a littel younger than the kids on the show, but I always related to what was going on in their lives and how they dealt with it. I have all three seasons on DVD and really enjoyed watching them over again.
  • we\'d probably forget how 80\'s junior high was if we didnt have this show.

    this is a good show. maybe a little innocent in our times, but probably exactly the same for whoever grew up in 1987 toronto, canada.
    i dont know much about how pouplar the show was, considering i was born a year before it ended, but ive foudn a palce where you can download all the episodes, and trust me, they are good.

    i dont really have much to say except i like it, and you will too. not as dramatic as degrassi, the next generation, but mellow dramatic none the less.

    they still show it occasionally on the-n, so get a glimpse whenever you can, they now call it \"degrassi, old school.\"
  • can't remember much from this show except i loved it!!

    i'm only 23, so i was 6 when this show finished, but it was in re-runs all thru my primary school years. it made me want to be teenager ;) all the important things were in this show, from how to treat a disabled person, to the big ones, like teenage pregnancy and suicide. this show touched me when i should have been too young to understand. it helped stuff be clearer to me as i got older.

    while i say all this, i know it was a geeky show, i ain't no fool! gotta love what people did to their hair & what they wore in the eighties. so glad i can blame my mum for all of my fashion mistake pre-1990!!
  • The first and the greatest

    If it weren't for Degrassi, many of the TV shows that were popular in the 90s and beyond never would have existed - 90210, Saved by the Bell, and so on. Degrassi was the first to push the limits, something that its imitators never even came close to doing.

    Sometimes the show seems like an afterschool special, which in reality was probably its main purpose - everything happens to these poor kids, and even in the end of the show, in Degrassi: School's Out, the poor kids from Degrassi don't get a happy ending, but at least they learned (and taught) a lot on the way.
  • The Degrassi Series GOES THERE!

    I am a big fan of all the Degrassi series! This one, Degrassi Junior High introduces us to some very classic characters and moments. There's Stephanie Kaye, whose daring clothes (and non-shyness to kissing) help her win the school election! There's Arthur and Yick whose Grade 7 curiosity gets them in trouble. There's Joey Jeremiah, the cocky teen whose love for girls and his band's music gets him in trouble. There's Wheels who has to deal with his parent's death on top of the woes of Junior High. There's Caitlin Ryan, the outspoken teen whose just trying to help most of the time. There's also Spike, who can forget the teen girl who got pregnant in grade 8 and had the baby? There's so much more in this series that really does go where other teen shows don't, it deals with nearly everything you can remember from middle school! I highly recommend this series if you're in middle school or if you're an adult wanting to relive it! Extremely real and brilliant!
  • BOO!

    This is the next worst thing since that ghetto PSP commercial. This is nothing but meaningless crap. It's boring enough to entertain a dork with an overbite. This show would never reach the top of the popularity chain. If it did, another show would take it's place. It should just stay at the bottom.
  • ....

    I think this show was kinda of cheesey don't get me wrong but I thought it kinda was. I thought Spike's hair was kinda distracting though because It was so hi up in the air. But i thought that they should have added some of the degrassi junior high kids into the new one!
  • Classic series. Joy to see it for holidays

    Probably the best teen show of all-time. This Canadian show is just awesome because this show treat all subjects that touch the kids. Sexuality, drugs, divorce, death, cultural differences, etc. In this time, none animated shows has really succeed to treat this current subjects with touch, but now yes and i find too overatted now. Degrassi Junior High is a very instructive show for all ages and about the French Dubbed, that's without doubt one of the best ever made
  • Totally Awesome!

    Regularly watched Degrassi Junior High, and Degrassi High. I loved this show, and looked forward to the days when I would watch it on PBS. I have bought the Degrassi Junior High DVDs, and will buy more as they come out. A timeless classic, that I will show to my children.
  • A great introduction to Spike, Snake, Joey, and their friends.

    I first came across Degrassi Junior High when The N started airing this and Degrassi High in October. And with the first episode that I watched, I became hooked and looked forward to see what the kids got themselves into while at school and durning their free time. What I love the most about it how the show deals with tough issues, such as drug use and teen pregnancy, before they were such mainstream topics. Another thing that I think is cool about the show is how the actors didn't look like models and weren't big name child actors. However, what I'm enjoying the most about watching this series is that as a fan of Degrassi: The Next Generation, I get to see what Spike, Snake, and Joey were like when they were in school. I also thought that it was interesting to see what Emma's father, Shane was like, before he had his accident while on his acid trip. This was a great precurser to Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  • Normal looking people don't make the best actors.

    While we all love that these characters look normal (not like models) and that they have acne, and fat, and frizzy hair, and that they have some of the same problems we do, they're not the best group of actors. Certain lines are too much acting like whoever, not being whoever. Overall, it's a pretty good (and hilarious) show with a lot of good looks at the consequences of your actions.
  • Much better than Degrassi: The Next Generation

    I think this show is much better than DTNG. It has more reality than the newer series and i would recommend this series over Degrassi: The Next Generation. When i first seen it I couldn't wait to see what it was like and what Shane (Emma's dad) was like. It was soooo cool to see Spike, Snake, Joey, Catlin, ect and how they looked when they were teens.
  • The best gay-ass cheese on 80s television.

    I'll say when Kevin Smith apparently said when he first watched "Degrassi:" "This is some gay-ass cheese." But I honestly don't understand how anyone couldn't get sucked into Degrassi drama. Low-budget, occasionally poorly-acted Canadian teen soap opera - does it get any better than that?

    When I first watched the DVDs, I was a little skeptical; I preferred the updated "Degrassi: The Next Generation" currently being shown on The N in the States. But eventually I was hooked. Is Stephanie going to be slutty, super-slutty, or ultra-slutty today? Will Lucy's parents ever be home in time for dinner? Will the Zit Remedy write more than one song? Arthur, will you lose some damn weight, please?

    Basically, it's hilarious, and makes "The Next Generation" more meaningful. In Season 3, when Spike gives birth to Emma, we'll really see the two shows begin to tie together.

    Oh, and I must mention: Melanie is HOT, and I'm a straight woman.
  • The lives and trials of students of a city high school.

    So far I've bought two seasons of this Canadian TV show and I'm completely in love with it. I think it's better than the Next Generation although I do like that one a lot. The topics they deal with are so true to what teenagers go through. They don't sugar coat anything they give it to you the way it supposed to be.
  • Memories..

    I remember watching this show when it aired on PBS when I was about 7 years old and I loved it from the get-go. I couldn't get enough of this show that dealt with issues I would never have expected on television. Spike's unplanned teenage pregnancy was definitely something I wouldn't have expected from a teenage show, but it dealt with it in such a real and believable way. This show was seriously underappreciated and is well deserved of the DVD releases. This show paved the way for Degrassi: TNG and anyone who watches TNG needs to watch this show.
  • A Great Show

    I really like this show. I didn't grow up in the 80s but after i found out Degrassi: The Next Generation was a continutation of this show and Degrassi High I found the episodes online and watched all of them. And fell in love with them in the process. I like it better than The Next Generation in a way because they were a little more raw. There were more than two story lines in an episode and it was just more real for me. I'm about to go review Degrassi High too. lol. This is a truly great show.
  • My review of the classic 80's series Degrassi Junior High.

    It is unreal how great this show really is, portraying the lives of teenagers as they really are. It tackled all kinds of issues: violence, sex, alcohol, relationships, pregnancy, etc. They weren't even afraid to take on taboo issues such as abortion (they covered it TWICE!).If a teenager experiences it, they covered it.

    The best thing about this show is that every episode had a message. Whether it was a thought of the day over the announcements by Mr. Lawrence or it was said by one the characters, there would be a line that sums up the entire episode, presenting the viewer with a simple life lesson.

    I could sit here and type a 20-page essay on how AMAZING Degrassi Junior High is and how we need a show like this today. We have Degrassi: The Next Generation, but it seems as if those key life lessons are somewhat overshadowed by the drama needed to keep the attention of today's teen audience. I couldn't agree more that Degrassi Junior High was and still is one of the gutsiest shows on television.