Degrassi Junior High

CBC (ended 1989)





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  • A wonderful Canadian Teen show that I got to see in Australia in 1994 that still has a message relevant for today's youth.

    I live in Australia and I remember it showing on ABC every afternoon at 4pm back in 1994 I was about 10 years old at the time and although some of the things that went on may have went over my head I enjoyed watching it. I still Love this Canadian teen show the messages that they told are still relevant for today's youth they were dealing with the big issues before anyone else was in a realistic view like teen pregnancy, teen sex, dating and everyday teen issues. I feel these days everyone seems to be too caught up being PC over everything that teen shows seem to be touching these subjects rarely or in a fairly watered down view.

    I'm glad that this is now out on DVD and is re-airing on some channels as I love watching Spike, Wheels, Joey and the others again on the TV.

    I recommend watching this as it its good to watch despite some of the daggy fashion that was the 80's. :P