Degrassi Junior High

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Jan 16, 1988 on CBC
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Erica develops a crush on Clutch and asks Heather to find out his birth sign to see if they're compatible. In the process, Clutch asks Heather out to go bowling, so the twins decide to trade places so Erica can attend the date instead. While temporarily filling in for Erica during her dentist appointment, Heather is shocked to find out Clutch used their date to get closer to Lucy. Alexa and BLT's relationship begins to fall apart, making her realize she wants Simon back. Meanwhile, Wheels is finally feeling better since the death of his parents but takes out his bottled up aggressions on a bully as Borden High.moreless

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  • Heather makes a date with Clutch but switches places with Erica.

    "Star-Crossed" is a fun Degrassi Junior High episode. I love Erica and Heather's interest in astrology. It's so cute how Erica develops a crush on Clutch. It was so funny how Clutch thinks Heather likes him, so he asks her out. I love how Erica has an appointment but she'll start off the date, switch with Heather, then come back and switch again. It was horrible how Clutch was only interested in Lucy. But I like Clutch and Lucy together. Clutch was more charismatic that Paul. I love how Alexa and Simon get back together and Michelle and BLT start to get to know each other. I love the Wheel's fight in this episode. I give this episode a 9/10moreless
  • Erica likes Clutch, and gets Heather to ask about him. He in turn asks her out, and Erica gets mad. They agree to switch, and later find out he used her/them to get close to Lucy. Alexa straightens things out with Michelle and with Simon.moreless

    I can't believe Lucy could be that naive! It was cute to see Erica and Heather playing each other, and then Ms Avery not being fooled. It's kinda funny to see that Clutch doesn't notice anything whatsoever about which twin is which, but he just goes after Lucy. Lucy was just with Paul; it's an unwritten rule not to date your ex's best friend or relative; Paul even tells Clutch that just because they've broken up doesn't mean he doesn't still like her. And besides, what Paul did to Lucy, it was because Clutch was putting on the pressure; I thought Lucy was smart enough to know not to put up with him. When I first saw this, I wondered how long it would be before Clutch does something bad to Lucy. I also hate the way they protray high school students all as bullies like the way those guys were bugging them before they left for Degrassi. Though there are always a few. Wheels gets punished, but no one says how. I understand Joey's frustration, though. I found Erica's frustration with Heather really annoying. It's not her fault Clutch asked her out, and how was she supposed to respond? Seems no response was right. But it's good to learn as such with horoscopes. It means nothing; just that you were born at a different time of the year. And they have the same sign, so something would supposed to happen for both of them. Good to see Alexa straightening things out, and learning a lesson. It seems she's all alone with both BLT and Simon brushing her off. I'd have to credit Michelle for her honest maturity, and in telling Alexa like it is. And just like Alexa, I love happy endings.moreless
  • Very very good

    This was a really good episode. I really loved how the put Simon and Alexa back together and the manner in which they did that. I felt bad for Erica but I have to say that it was terribly obvious aboutClutch liking Lucy not her.

    I have to say that it was a bit corny when it came to the whole Erica/Clutch/Lucy triangle. It was just so obvious I honestly don't think most girls would be that lulled into blind acceptance. But the corniness wasnt intolerable and it was almost needed to make this a good episode

    I'd give it a solid B+moreless
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Anais Granofsky

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