Degrassi Junior High

Season 3 Episode 12

Taking Off (2)

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Feb 06, 1989 on CBC

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  • Wheel's grandmother finds Wheels. Shane's gone missing.


    "Taking Off" Part 2 is a great Degrassi Junior High episode. Wheel's biological dad is so awful. In season 1, he wants to have a relationship with Wheels, and by season 3, he wants nothing to do with Wheels. I am so glad that Wheel's grandmother showed up at the hotel. I'm glad that Wheels made a realization of his awful behaviour and he realizes his grandparents actually care about him. I love the subplot of Shane going missing and they find him under a bridge. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Wheels walks to Port Hope after being dropped off by the gay molester. He meets Mike, who is completely unprepared. He finds out Mike is engaged and having a baby. Wheel's grandma corners Joey, and then goes to get him. Shane is found under a bridge.

    Wow; interesting sibling rivalry. Wheels is an only child, and also an only grandchild. And now he has a sibling. He becomes jealous, because this baby would have its biological parents around, while he wouldn't. I sometimes wondered if this kid would turn up on DTNG and be friends with Emma, and then they find out they're cousins once removed. But good shock value, that Wheels found out that Mike's life doesn't include him. Especially since his sort-of stepmother clearly doesn't want him. After his fantasies of them being together. And then his grandma showing up, and everything escalating. Though her jumping to quick conclusions on Mike, that was extreme behavior, even for her. For an old lady, she sure is sharp! Joey actually sort of has a conscience. Though Snake, more so. But it's Joey who does finally tell Grandma. I also love how Joey, when Wheels returns to school, offers to give him a grand tour. Luke clearly has a reputation for drugs, hence the police coming back to him. He also must be a good liar. I'm guessing Bill Parrot was wanting out of the series somehow, so this is his pre-exit. Confirmed in the fact that Jonathan Torrens played Shane in DTNG.