Degrassi Junior High

Season 1 Episode 4

The Cover-Up

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Feb 08, 1987 on CBC
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Joey's mother ruins his favourite jean jacket; Joey needs a new one, and Rick's got one to sell. While at Rick's house, Joey discovers that Rick's bruises aren't the results of school yard fights, but of an abusive father. Joey, with bruises of his own from a skateboarding accident, asks Doris for advice, without saying who he's talking about. She assumes the worst and calls the Children's Aid Society, who send a caseworker to Joey's home. The caseworker sees Rick, and offers help; although angry at first, Rick is relieved when he gets to go live with his brother. Seeing that Rick always looks mad, Caitlin and Susie try to make him smile.moreless

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  • Joey finds out that Rick is being abused by his dad.

    "The Cover-Up" is an excellent Degrassi Junior High episode. In this episode, Joey finds out that Rick is being abused by his father. It was so heartbreaking when Joey left Rick's house and you her Rick getting beat up by his father. I love how Joey told the secretary and she called Child and Family Services. And I love how Rick was able to move in with his brother. I love Caitlin and Susie's plot of trying to make Rick smile. I love how Rick smiles at the end of this episode. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • Rick looks sad and Caitlin and Susie are fascinated. Rick gets beat up by his dad. Joey cries wolf on child abuse until he visits Rick and becomes a witness. He tries to talk about it anonymously, and gets Children's Aid involved and Rick gets to move.moreless

    Most realistic example of father just looking for ways to cut his son down so he can feel in control. Bugs him about his magazine, his brother, where's my tie, anything. He was provoking Rick to talk back; Rick could barely do anything right! Joey is shown as one ungrateful little brat, who got what he deserved by seeing this. I always wondered, when his dad said "we've raised 4 kids"; where are the other 3? Joey is always the only one. I'm thinking they probably were quite a bit older, and probably were all sisters, because Joey has his own big room in the basement. And he never talks about his siblings either. I love how Joey and Rick become friends over this; learning to appreciate what the other could do. That's hilarious how Caitlin and Susie kept trying to make Rick smile. The picture taking was most realistic. Both with Melanie fussing over a zit, and Stephanie wondering which wardrobe to choose from.moreless
  • Joey wants to wear his old jacket for picture day. Joey's jacket accidentally gets ruined. I guy named Rick offers to give Joey an old jacket. When Rick takes Joey to his house, Joey finds out that Rick's father beats him.moreless

    I thought it was sad to see a boy get beat on by his father. Rick was a very unhappy kid because he got beat on. I thought it was even worse when Joey had to see Rick get beat on by his father. Rick prabably did not tell anyone about his abusive father becaue he was scared. I would be scared if I was put in the same problem. I thought Joey did the right thing by finding out what to do about Rick's problem.moreless
  • Joey finds out his friend Rick is being abused at home.

    In this episode about child abuse, Rick who failed a grade is seen as the "tough" guy and even has bruises from what Joey thinks is schoolyard fights. Right from the start you can tell Joey idols him for his toughness and wants to be sort of like Rick. After Joey's parents fix his jean jacket that Joey loved becuase it was ripped all over, Joey gets mad and calls it child abuse and says the same thing the next day at school and Rick hears him and gets sort of protective. Rick then tells Joey he can give him a jean jacket if he pays for it and to see him afterschool. When Joey and Rick get there they have a soda and Rick's dad comes home, and is going to get a soda when he sees two sodas are gone and gets mad Rick tells Joey to leave and Joey and partially see and hear Rick's dad beating him up.

    That scene was an emotional scene and an intense scene that was done quite well. The next day and for many days after Joey keeps asking about child abuse and becuase Joey fell off his bike and had a bruise on his head some thought he was being abused and the office even contacts an abuse specialist who goes to his house and wehn Joey and Rick come home the guy knows that its not Joey but Rick whose being abused and they have an scene outside together where Rick breaks down. Craig (Rick) and Pat (Joey) both did great in this episode and I believe should've gotten Gemini's (Similar to the Golden Globes but Canadian) for their acting. After Rick goes to stay with his brother. Now comments for this breath taking episode:

    - Craig (Rick) was perfect in this episode and like "Kiss Me, Steph" it really lead the series into a great start.

    - Pat (Joey) was incredible as the friend who witness a friends beating and he also lead the series to where it is now.

    - But on a more negative note, I think Rick should've been more haunted by this afterwards and they should've had a follow up but nothing so I was kind of disappointed.

    Anyway to such an incredible plot, the sub-plot was short. Caitlin and Susie want to make Rick smile cause he never does, and they try everything even making jokes or making fools of themselves but they don't seem to get him to smile. Then unknown to them Rick is living with hsi brother and smiles at Joey and they're glad he's smiling.

    - An ok sub-plot that mixes with the main plot. It could've been expanded more cause it was only like three seconds.

    Over all this was one of those WOW episodes and give it 5 out of 5 stars.moreless
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