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Degrassi Junior High

Season 1 Episode 3

The Experiment

Aired Sunday 5:00 PM Feb 01, 1987 on CBC
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Episode Summary

Yick feels that Mr. Raditch gives him poor marks without even reading his work. Arthur suggests copying some of Stephanie's old assignments and submitting it as Yick's, too see if his marks improve. All is fine for the first little while, until Mr. Raditch discovers that Yick has been cheating. Melanie and Kathleen want to experiment with drugs and buy pills off of Joey, not knowing that they are actually vitamins. After overhearing what Joey has done, they both confront him and demand their money back.moreless

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  • Yick thinks Mr. Raditch is giving him bad grades on purpose. Joey gives Melanie and Kathleen vitamins, but they think it's drugs.

    "The Experiment" was an awesome Degrassi Junior High episode. I actually really liked Yick in this episode. In this episode, he blames Mr. Raditch for giving him bad grades. I love how Arthur gets Stephanie's paper and gives it Yick, so Yick can copy it and hand it in. I love how he gets a better grade than Stephanie did. I love how Yick got caught cheating. I love how Arthur told Yick off by saying that Yick is just making excuses for his laziness. I love how Yick is actually motivated to write something by the end of the episode and he gets a good grade. I love the Melanie and Kathleen subplot. I love how they think they are buying drugs from Joey, but in reality they are buying vitamins. I love how they think they are high, but they actually aren't. I give this episode 9/10.moreless
  • Yick thinks Mr Raditch gives him bad marks because he doesn't like him. Arthur tries out for basketball and gets made fun of. Melanie and Kathleen talk about drugs, and Joey overhears and takes full advantage of an opportunity to make some money.moreless

    A wonderful example of two friends who help each other get better. Arthur is good in school but bad in sports and Yick helps him get better. Yick, just the opposite. Only did Arthur help Yick get better? He just helped him with an "experiment" from an old paper of Stephanie's. The experiment worked, but then Yick decided he needed that all the time. I can be proud of Arthur's standing up for what's right; saying "once is an experiment, to prove a point. But twice is cheating". I don't know how Mr Raditch figured it out the second time but not the first. And nothing is said among the classmates about the fact that Stephanie wants no one to know that they're related; Arthur just confesses to having given Yick the paper. They're asked to write a paper on "why you did this and why it was wrong". Is that what Yick has written? He just talks about stereotyping people, and how it hurts. But that was one reason he wanted to keep on cheating, to hide that. I love how he did that; after Arthur told him "if you don't want him to think you're dumb, prove that you're not". And I love how Mr Raditch made amends with him; saying he was going to stop calling him "MrYu the Disorganized". It's good to see a teacher doing that, even if he didn't directly apologize. That was hilarious seeing Kathleen and Melanie pretend to get stoned! Joey has so much smarts; why doesn't he use it better? And I loved the part when they hid him in the broom closet in his underwear; what goes around comes around!moreless
Pat Mastroianni

Pat Mastroianni

Joey Jeremiah

Dan Woods

Dan Woods

Mr. Raditch

Rebecca Haines

Rebecca Haines

Kathleen Mead

Neil Hope

Neil Hope

Derek "Wheels" Wheeler

Siluck Saysanasy

Siluck Saysanasy

Yick Yu

Nicole Stoffman

Nicole Stoffman

Stephanie "Steph" Kaye (Kobalewsky)

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    • In the previous episode Wheels was in the grade eight class, and in this one he is back in grade seven.

    • Arthur and Yick get revenge on Joey by getting him stuck in the closet like what he did to them.

    • Joey calls the "drugs" he gave Melanie and Kathleen "New Zealand Zappers".

    • An episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation entitled "Jagged Little Pill" is similar to this episode. When one boy brings E to a sleepover, another boy goes to cut it in half and brings back vitamins, telling them all that it's E. The characters involved in "Jagged Little Pill" were JT, who brought the E and Sean who cut the pills in half and replaced them with vitamins.


    • Calculator watch
      Arthur was wearing a calculator watch, which only geeks wore.

    • The Idea Behind Placebos
      Joey sells "drugs" to Melanie and Kathleen, but they are really vitamin pills. The vitamin pill in this situation is a placebo, which is a drug that a person takes and believes has a certain effect, but the drug really does nothing at all. Placebos are used in medicine to determine how a person's expectations of a drug influence the effectiveness of the drug, aka "Mind over Matter". Sometimes placebos are all that is needed because the person believes the drug is working, kind of like how Kathleen and Melanie thought they were stoned when they really weren't.