Degrassi Talks

CBC (ended 1992)


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Degrassi Talks

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Degrassi Talks was put on after their final movie "School's Out." It had some of the actors from Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High and School's Out host this show. Degrassi Talks is a documentary sponsored by Health and Welfare Canada, the yellow pages,Tampax Tampons, and some more Degrassi Talks was in 6 parts/6 shows. Amanda Stepto hosts the sex talk, Neil Hope discusses alcohol, Rebecca Haines discusses abuse, Pat Mastroianni hosts the depression talk, Siluck Saysanasay hosts the drugs talk, and Stacie Mistysyn hosts the sexuality talk.

Degrassi Talks Theme Song Lyrics: We've all got our problems but can't always solve them we need someone to listen cause we all need some talkin' no time to ignore but we've got to explore we can't have it all the way let's do this together I'll talk to you and you'll talk to me We've got to reach out to set us free Degrassi Talks Coast to coast we we hear real stories from real people Degrassi Talks Degrassi Listens You're not alone Let's do this together Degrassi Talks

Words and Music by Keith White and Stacie Mistysynmoreless