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The Emmy nominated Degrassi: The Next Generation (shortened to 'Degrassi' from Season 10-14) is a spin-off of the long running Degrassi franchise from Linda Schuyler, creator of Kids on Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, and School's Out. Similar to its predecessor the teens of Degrassi Community School face a variety of issues, from sexual abuse, to drug addiction, to heartaches. It's never a dull moment in the halls of Degrassi.

Seasons 15+ air as 'Degrassi: New Class' and has its own forum.

*Note, episode airdates are Canadian, and the episode order is in production, not in the order originally aired.


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    Why You're Never Too Old for Degrassi

    The series is simultaneously timeless and specific to the current teenage generation.

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    Netflix Will Save Degrassi Because That Show Is Not Allowed to Die

    The current cast will return for 20 new episodes.

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    Fan Reviews (583)

    • Its A Good Show

      Its A Good Show But It Would Be Better If Jimmy Wasn't Kicked Out Well Now Hes Known As Drake
    • I'm in love with this show

      I love this show I can not stop watching it. Although I do think that they should show Frankie and Winston a lot more then they do. They leave you wondering what's going on with those two. I also think that Frankie should be able to have Winston in her room the had the mother over reacting just a little bit.
    • A very good and perfect show. And by far, one of the best tv shows I have ever watched.

      When I first saw the show, I felt so enthusiastic because the show revolves around the new characters (2001-????) and the previous old characters (2001-2006). I have a love/hate relationship with the characters, and I somewhat share the same comparisons with several characters from the series. Despite how dramatic this show can be, I still think it's a very good one.
    • Why do teens watch this when they virtually live each episode in real life?

      I don't think this show is bad so get off my back Degrassi fans; I just don't find it interesting from what I've seen. Degrassi is basically life in high school and that's it; it's the typical struggles of a bunch of teenagers in high school. I know I should feel for these characters but the problem is, I don't because I was one of those characters in high school. This show is supposed to be for everyone who's struggling in high school, but I don't recommend it for teenagers who go through the exact same plot of each episode; that might make them feel worse about themselves and put them more at risk of committing suicide. Again, I'm not saying this show is bad, I'm saying it's nothing knew or worth gossiping about. Teens go through the same plot of each episode everyday; why talk about a should that's technically based on you're life?moreless
    • This is for teens who are starved for drama

      Omg I hate this show with a burning passion. It's just for drama-starved hipsters

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