Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 10 Episode 5

99 Problems, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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99 Problems, Part One

Zane decides to try out for the football team so he and Riley can be together, but Riley's fear of everyone finding out he is gay, leads to him pushing Zane away. Drew, who is trying out for the same position as Riley, overhears him and Zane talking, and threatens to out him, if he doesn't give up the Quarterback position. Alli wants to try out for Power Squad, but doesn't make the cut, and gets upset at Chantay. Jenna encourages K.C. to join the football team, but gets jealous when all the girls start flirting with him.


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  • perfect

    alli wants to be on the power squad because she wants to feel like she belongs somewhere. riley has a rival on the football team, and a rival for the position of QB1, Drew. Will Drew resort to telling the entire team that Riley is gay to get what he wants?

    good episode, i did not like alli's plot a lot, alli is my least favorite character on the show, she just annoys me a lot, but riley/zane/drew plot was pretty good and interested me a lot, and so because of this my grade for the episode's an A+ of coursemoreless
  • Alli tries to join the power squad.

    This episode was pretty good, not as good of a start as last week, but still a really good plot that could open up a lot of ongoing plots which I definitely always enjoy. Jenna convinces KC to try out for the football team, it only turns against her when other girls start recognizing Riley. This just shows how insecure Jenna is, and she is really pathetic once she starts to suspect that something is going on just because KC's phone keeps on ringing. Alli tries out for the power squad, all & all just trying to fit in. She always seems to fail miserably at that. Why can't she see she's already in a group. She's got Clare, Connor, Wesley, and Dave. Of course she wants to hang out with cooler kids which if I was Clare, I would take in to insult. Anyways Chantay continues to be the most annoying character on this show with her nonsense. I only disliked her character even more how she rejected Alli. It was the way she rejected Alli that just sort of got me angry. Riley is going against the new kid, Drew, for quarterback position. He's a shoe in until Drew catches Riley & Zane talking about their relationship. Drew uses this as blackmail, inadvertently ruining Riley & Zane's relationship. Riley wont stand down without a fight! Which is the cliffhanger of this episode, as he is planning to let "Drew know he's just a rookie." Interesting start of plots, but again, not as good as last week.moreless
  • Drew catches Riley talk about his sexuality with Zane in the gymnasium. Alli tries out for Power Squad. KC tries out for football team.

    Good episode! Not the most dramatic and fast paced episode, but I understand that you have to introduce new plots and that can take some time to develip storylines. Riley's plot could have been more dramatic, but it seems Riley's storyline will get very dramatic. I really liked Zane and Riley as a couple but their fight in the gym was a little intense. I love the character Drew as he will add a lot more drama to the show and stir up some trouble. I love how he gave Riley an ultimatum that Riley either passes up on being QB and Drew won't tell anyone he's gay or Riley stays QB and Drew tells everyone Riley is gay I love the Alli plot! I love how she tries out for Power Squad and totally fails. Oh and Chantay got an awful haircut. Anyways, I love how Alli wants revenge and wants to start a dance club. I was just starting to like KC's character because his character was becoming very complex, but it seems he's turn into a jerk. I'm predicting Jenna/KC breakup soon. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
Michael Kinney

Michael Kinney

Mr. Armstrong

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Daniel Kelly

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Shanice Banton

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    • This episode marks the first appearances of Shanice Banton (Marisol), and Daniel Kelly (Owen), who become main characters in the future. Owen becomes a main character in the second half of Season 10 and Marisol becomes a main character in Season 11.

    • Raymond Ablack (Sav), Charlotte Arnold (Holly J.), Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson), Munro Chambers (Eli), Jahmil French (Dave), Judy Jiao (Leia), Jamie Johnston (Peter), Alicia Josipovic (Bianca), Cory Lee (Ms. Oh), Landon Liboiron (Declan), Samantha Munro (Anya), A.J. Saudin (Connor), Jordan Todosey (Adam), and Spencer Van Wyck (Wesley), do not appear in this episode.

    • This is the first time TeenNick has simulcast Degrassi with Canada, on the MuchMusic network. This will continue throughout the season.