Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 5

Anywhere I Lay My Head

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Ellie's mom's drinking is getting worse.

    "Anywhere I Lay My Head" is a fantastic Degrassi episodes. This episode is so intense. So Ellie's mom's an alcoholic which is one of the reasons Ellie was cutting in season 3. Anyways, the fire at Ellie's house was so intense. I love how Ellie decided that she can't live and take care of her mother anymore. My favourite scene which is also so heartbreaking is when Ellie told her mom that her drinking was the reason that she cut. I love Elie decides to move in with Sean. I think I like Sean and Ellie as a couple more than Sean and Emma. I give this episode a 9.5/10.
  • Ellie and Sean are better then Seema

    Sean and Ellie's relationship gets deeper and stronger than ever. So strong that Sean wants Ellie to move into his apartment with him. But is she ready to leave her drunken mom and be with the one she truly loves? Meanwhile, with the spirit squad's captian Paige sick, Manny is in charge of their carwash. But will her emotions for Spinnner get in the way? This episode is great. I love that Ellie moved in with Sean. they are way better then Semma. Spinner and Manny are just gross. They look like brother and sister. it's very creepy, but all and all it was an excellent episode.

    I loved this episode!!!It was so sad!!I feel so bad for Elli.Her mom is so mean!!I am glad she is no longer living with her mom.Her mom does'nt deserve her.I am glad her mom is going to stop drinking.When her and her mom got home and Ellie pulled out all that stuff to cut with and scremed at her on why she is always gone and why she cuts herself that just broke my heart!!I am glad ellie is not living with her mom.Also I love that farret!!Great episode!!!
  • Just proves how much I hate Spinner and Manny

    This episode shows why I can't stand Manny. Everybody knows she is easy so that is the reason Spinner is so drawn to her. She flaunts the fact so what guy wouldn't go after her? If my boyfriend were around her, I would be sure to keep an eye on him at all times. Manny cannot be trusted and Spin is slime...Paige deserves so much more than him!
  • Ellie has been having more problems at home and sean helps in a weird way.

    Ellie and Sean have been dating for a while now and Sean wants to take their relationship further. He asks her to move in and she turns him down. I could tell that she really wanted to but her mom would never allow it and her mom was still drinking.

    It really surprised me that Ellie's mom set the house on fire but it worked out in the end. Ellie moved in with him but her mom found out and took her home, after slapping Sean. I just busted up laughing when Mrs. Nash slapped him, but it was sad when Ellie started to cry. I really liked the fact that he told Ellie's mom that he cared about her and that he told Ellie that he loved her earlier in the episode. When Mrs. Nash took Ellie home, she told her mom off and showed her the scars on her arm from when she cut herself. Ellie's mom wnt to rehab and she stayed with Sean.

    The sub-plot with Spinner and Manny was the start of everything bad that happens in Spinner's future. Spinner likes Manny and she likes him to. I think the writers were very clever with this storyline and how it all fit together in future episodes.
  • great episode!!

    Ellie and Sean are getting real serious, so serious that Ellie considers moving in with Sean because her mom\'s addiction to alcohol is getting worse. Meanwhile, while Paige is out wick with the flu, Manny and Spinner get a little extra friendly.

    As much as I love Emma and Sean together way more than Ellie and Sean, I think it\'s very amazing to hear Sean say that he loves Ellie and really cares about her. I mean, him and Emma had a serious relationship, why couldn\'t he say that to her? As for Amy, there wasn\'t a real relationship between them! Ellie\'s mom really disgusts me when she\'s drunk! Especially when she was laughing too much at the open house at school, even Mr. Simpson was weirded out!

    Marco and Ellie talking again really brightened my day! I thought they stopped talking to each other. It seemed like up until this episode, Paige and Marco were the best of friends!

    Sean made guacamole for sweet! See, Sean still has a soft side!

    The famous slap Mrs. Nash gave Sean had me cracking up while everyone else at the party was in a state of shock! And what\'s with Ellie leaving the house twice?

    Ellie really told her mom off back at the house. Her mom could do nothing but cry because she knew Ellie was right! In the end, Ellie and Sean are living together, and Ellie had the CUTEST laugh when she showed Sean the ferret!

    Manny and Spinner, oh boy. They\'re actually not that bad together! But that\'s not what Ashley and Craig think. Craig was getting extremely jealous and that had me laughing! What was with Spinner\'s face when he was playing the drums? Manny was exaggerating; he was not great at all! Manny and her boobs popping out all over made me realize that she\'s the same old slut we knew in season 3! Poor Paige, she doesn\'t realize Ashley\'s not the only one who has been played by her boyfriend!

    All in all, this episode was pretty good! I\'d give it 8 out of 10, just because it wasn\'t perfect. I hope that the future episodes are just as good and I\'ll be back soon!

    Review by: degrassicutie1

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