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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 9

Back In Black

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Back In Black

Everyone is trying to deal with the aftermath of the school shooting. Sean is being harold as a hero, and seems unaffected. After seeing a news report with his parents, he decides to head home, and confront them, and his true feelings. Toby is mourning the loss of Rick, but feels alone, as J.T. has abandoned him.


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  • Degrassi deals with aftermath of the shooting.

    "Back in Black" is a great Degrassi episode! It's actually one of my favourite Sean episodes. I love how Sean, Jay, Emma, and Ellie go to Wasaga beach. It was so intense how Sean almost drowned himself. I love how he went to visit his parents and that he decided to stay home to work things out with his parents. JT was such a jerk to Toby in this episode. JT completely ditched him to hang out with the popular crowd at Degrassi leaving Toby with no friends. And no one wants to be a loner, so Toby makes friends with Rick. And in this episode JT doesn't want to be friends with Toby because he was friends with Rick. But I'm glad that JT kind of realized something and decided that he wanted to be friends with Toby by the end of the episode I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Rick Murray was subsequently paroled by being readmitted into Degrassi, but later arrested and convicted of manslaughter by having paint and feathers dumped on him and accidentally getting himself shot. He is currently serving a death sentence.moreless

    (My last lines in the end of the episode, Back in Black after Sean decides to stay in Wasaga Beack and says goodbye to Emma, whom he stopped Rick from shooting and to all his other friends) Well, there you have it. Sean at least was able to save one girl from getting hurt by Rick. (cut to all the season 4 episodes of Degrassi after the episode, Back in Black and to all the seasons 5-7 episodes of Degrassi) On some nights when I can't sleep, I'll watch all of the season 4 episodes of Degrassi after the episode, Back in Black and all of the seasons 5-7 episodes of Degrassi and watch all of the girls in the show. Sometimes, I'll see one that looks like Terri from the back or in the background and part of me hopes that when she turns around or comes closer, it'll be her again. But I know deep down that that will never happen. (as I say that, a girl in the show who does look exactly like Terri from the back or in the background turns her head or comes closer to the camera to clearly show she's not.) More importantly though, I don't view these girls as just victims of abuse. Each one of them is somebody's best friend. ( I turn off the TV and go to bed)moreless
  • Toby and Sean deal with the aftermath of the shooting.

    Back in Black suffers ultimately from being an epilogue than largely doesn't live up the story that proceeded it. The episode centering around the reaction to the shooting incident in Time Stands Still part 2 is one that would have been better off as a two parter itself. Many potentially interesting aspects, (various students talking with counselers, Alex expressing some thought about what her actions did, media's report on what happened) are set up, but then fall by the wayside in favor of centering on the two main plots.

    Plot A revolves around Sean leaving for Wasaga beach after getting fed up with the media barrage. (One could argue that an episode that follows Time Stands Still would be better served as an ensemble piece with most of the actors, but I digress) ------------------------------------------------------------

    Sean's departure away from Degrassi somewhat hurts the episode as his interaction some of the others at the school (Spinner, Paige, Toby) could have explored some interesting character development. Instead Sean's time largely consist of scenes with Jay, Ellie, and Emma. The latter's appearance, in spite of Sean's actions to save her in the previous episode, never quite feels right, and is an example of the many rushed aspects here that will be addressed later.


    Plot B is surprisingly stronger than the main plot with Toby attempting to deal with Rick's death and the consequences of his friendship with him. The writing with this is notably more natural than the other, weaving in several past plots (The Toby/JT rift, Manny's brief relationship with JT) into a cohesive, interesting storyline. ------------------------------------------------------------

    Cassie Steele is excellent, exibiting both tender kindness and indignation, and Jake Goldsbie, often not the strongest actor, is solid here and much less over the top than in the previous episode. Finally, Ryan Cooley earns no complaints himself. ------------------------------------------------------------

    Not quite the same can be said for the main plot. The inherent problem is the awkward jamming of several major events (Sean\'s goodbyes to Emma/Ellie, his run-in with Tyler, and reunion with his parents) into one episode. While it all seems dramatic, none of the pay-offs feel satisfactory. Daniel Brown himself seems at a loss of which notes to play, with his crying scene being memorable for all the wrong reasons. ------------------------------------------------------------

    Bottom Line: If you\'re a Sean fan, its for you, otherwise watch for the Toby/Manny/JT stuff.moreless
  • The Students Of Degrassi Deal With The After Math Of The Shotting.

    Most People Might Not Find This Episode Sad But I Definetly Did. Sean Was And Is Still My Favourite Guy Character On Degrassi: The Next Generation. He Left In This Episode Which I Really Wish That He Didn't!!! *Crys Histerically* And Also In The Episode My Favourite Couple On Degrassi Of All Time Broke Up (Sean And Ellie). It Was Also Very Well Written. I Didn't See It Coming At All (Sean Leaving). I Loved How Sean Confronted His Parents And You See Him Talking To Tyler (The Guy He Deafened In One Ear). We See Alot From His Past That Has Only Been Talked About And Never Actually Been Seen Before. This Is One Of My Favourite Episodes But Yet The Saddest Episode In My Opinion.

    If Daniel Clark Reads This (Doubt He Will But You Never Know) Please Come Back To Degrassi...It's Not The Same Without You!moreless
  • This was verry good.

    It was great to see how everyone dealt with the shootiing. Sean was a jerk in the beggining of the epesode. we finally got to meet tyler and he was a jerk. i really like the scene when emma ran in crying and said i can't take it anymore, everyone is stairing at me. i feel bad for ellie, i mean her boyfriend was acting like a jerk nad the staying in wasaga beach. miriam and stacy, great acting.moreless
Jayne Eastwood

Jayne Eastwood

Mrs. Cameron

Guest Star

Brandon Carrera

Brandon Carrera


Guest Star

Inga Cadranel

Inga Cadranel

Rachel Rhodes

Guest Star

Jennifer Podemski

Jennifer Podemski

Ms. Sauvé

Recurring Role

Dalmar Abuzeid

Dalmar Abuzeid

Danny Van Zandt

Recurring Role

Deanna Casaluce

Deanna Casaluce

Alex Nuñez

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Sean was talking with Ellie at Wasaga Beach, he says that "when the bullet went off, I felt this warm liquid. At first I thought I pissed myself, but realized I was drenched in Rick's blood". But, in "Time Stands Still, Part 2", when Sean is brought into the library after the shooting, his clothes are not blood-drenched at all.

    • When Tyler gets out of the water, he puts back in his hearing aid because it can't get wet. When he jumps into the water to save Sean, he has his hearing aid in but as soon as he gets out the hearing aid is out again.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Jay: (after pulling up to Sean's house in Wasaga) Is it a house, is it a lunchbox? I don't...

    • Mrs. Cameron: Sean, I heard what happened.
      Sean: Yea, I know. That was quite the performance. Oh, I miss my baby, what if I never get to see him again? Oh I love him. Boo hoo.
      Mrs. Cameron: Oh Sean...
      Sean: Next interview, try telling them the truth. Like, how you gave up on me, how you booted me out of your life. Just stop playing the poor abandoned role because nobody's buying it. Especially not me!

    • Paige: I feel totally helpless. What if Jimmy never recovers? (looks over at a crying Hazel) What if he never walks again?

    • Mr. Simpson: There's no excuse. None for what Rick did, but labeling him a monster is not gonna help us understand why it happened.

    • Marco: (holding a white mask against his face) I am shaken. I want to turn back time. I need...I need to believe that life's better than this.

    • Reporter: What does it feel like to be a hero?
      Sean: (looks around seeing people talking and smiling about him) I guess I'm about to find out.

    • Sean: Staying! I'm staying. Look for the first time in my life I need to be here with my parents, to deal.

    • Ellie: I don't know what to believe.
      Sean: You want the truth, fine! When the gunshot went off, I felt something wet. I thought I pissed myself, but I realized I was drenched in Rick's blood.
      Ellie: Sean...
      Sean: No!

    • Jay: (to Emma) Just running the battery Green Peace, pollution free.

    • Sean: (to his parents) That kid at school. He was gonna shoot my friend...so I grabbed the gun and it went off. (Sean starts to cry and his parents hug him) I think...I think I might have, I might have killed him. I might have killed him!
      Mrs. Cameron: Oh baby!

    • Mrs. Cameron: What I said to that reporter lady it wasn't lies. I can't cry on cue, Sean. I mean we made a lot of mistakes, but sending you to Toronto that was the best thing we ever did. How else was I gonna keep you out of jail?!

    • Emma: Sean. (waves her hands in his face) Maybe you need to see a doctor?
      Sean: I'm fine. I was just thinking.
      Emma: (concerned) About what?
      Sean: Emma...I'm sorry.
      Emma: For what?
      Sean: (heartful) For last year you know? For everything I put you through. Everything. I'm sorry.
      Emma: Ancient history. So maybe we should get going huh?

    • Manny: Now I know why we broke up, JT. You just couldn't be the bigger man.

    • Craig: Come on Toby, don't make Rick the victim.

    • Manny: (to J.T.) If you hadn't ditched him (referring to Danny) for Webster here, he would've never hooked up with Rick.

    • Toby: Um, I just got Draco's Quest 2, if you wanted to play...
      J.T.: Trying to cut down.

    • Sean: (has the mask on) I am Sean Cameron, I want some chocolate milk, I need to stop with this embarrassment.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Shane Kippel (Spinner), and Andrea Lewis (Hazel), appear in this episode, but do not have any lines.

    • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Pat Mastroianni (Joey), Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode.


    • The title of this episode is the same as a song by AC/DC from their 1980 album "Back in Black".

    • Jay: OK, where to, Bam Bam?
      Jay calls Sean Bam Bam after he throws the computer out causing it to break which is what the popular Flinstone character Bam Bam did, he threw stuff around.

    • Manny: If you hadn't ditched him for Webster here he would have never hooked up with Rick

      Manny relates Danny Van Zandt to the TV character "Webster", portrayed by Emmanuel Lewis.