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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 13

Bark At The Moon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2004 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Bark At The Moon

Ms. Hatzilakos takes over for Mr. Raditch as the new school principal, and asks Manny and Marco to come up with a plan to raise school spirit. Spinner wants to try and make things official with Manny, but she is worried about making a commitment, and when a new kid, Chester, shows interest in her, she starts to fall for him as well. Paige attempts to win over Mr. Orleander.


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  • Manny plans the dance.

    "Bark at the Moon" is a pretty good Degrassi episode. I love the continuation with Manny still a little upset about getting an abortion. In this episode she's putting on a dance and they're trying something new where you have to go with the person you're matched up with. I love how Manny tries to set herself up with Chester for the school dance. Anyways, I actually liked Manny and Spinner as a couple. I half-liked the subplot. I don't like Paige and Mr. O as a couple, but I love how Manny caught them kissing. I am so happy that Mr. Raditch leaves Degrassi in this episode. I give this episode a 7/10.moreless
  • This episode is about Manny scared of getting into a relationship after her abortion. Meanwhile, Paige won't give up on her crush on Mr.O

    I absolutely, postively hated this episode because of the whole Manny/Spinner hookup. They would have to be the WORST hookup in Degrassi history. I have and will never want them to hookup again. Manny is my favorite character but this would have to be mistake #2. How could she ever be with Spinner? Anyway, I actually liked Paige and Mr. O hooking up because they looked rather cute and cozy together. Mr. O may have been way too old for Paige but they were compatible. More compatible than Manny and Spinner I might add.moreless
  • This episode is about Manny scared of hooking up with Spinner in fear of getting hurt. Meanwhile, Paige deals with her crush on Matt and it seems he likes her too.moreless

    I absolutely hate this episode and the only reason I'm giving it that much credit because I liked the whole Paige/Matt pairing. The whole Manny/Spinner is terrible. Spinner and Manny! Give me a break. I mean Manny shouldn't have to worry about getting hurt. She was gonna get hurt regardless I mean Spinner cheated on Paige.

    Cassie Steele usually does a good job but not not on this episode. She is a great actress and the only thing keeping me from givin it a 0 is the fact she ends up with Craig. Marco should have promoted Paige and Matt instead of Manny and Spinner. He should have just left them alone.

    Lauren Collins did a great job on this episode and the chemistry between her and the Matt character. The chemistry was phenomal and awesome. But again Marco was rooting for the wrong team. But that's what made me dislike him for a little bit.

    Overall this episode could have been better. This is the first episode where Linda Schuyler and the rest of the writers slipped up.moreless
  • It was iight...

    As Spinner and Manny start their relationship, Manny has a hard time forgetting about last year's drama dealing with Craig. She has no clue if Spinner will try to play her like Craig did, so she meets a new student at Degrassi called Chester. Chester really sweeps Manny off her feet until she realizes Spinner is the one for her. Paige wants Matt to be with her, but since he's a teacher he's finding it diffcult to resist Paige. After denying his feelings he puts the ultimate liplock on Paige and tells her they must meet off school grounds because it's too risky.moreless
  • I just hate Manny

    Manny's whole part in this episode is stupid. I can't stand her and I don't really care about her feelings or what she is going through. I hate her and it doesn't really matter if she is scared of a relationship or whatever. As for Paige and Mr. O., I am so happy they finally kissed and I think they have such chemistry. I love them two together and I don't care that he is her superior!moreless
Phillip Nozuka

Phillip Nozuka

Chester Hosoda

Guest Star

Dalmar Abuzeid

Dalmar Abuzeid

Danny Van Zandt

Recurring Role

Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes

Darcy Edwards

Recurring Role

Linlyn Lue

Linlyn Lue

Ms. Kwan

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Chester is showing Manny how to pair the students up there are only 3 questions to answer. Later when Manny is switching her favourite movie there are 4 questions.

    • In this episode Manny said that she used to babysit Danny but how  but she is about 15-16 and Danny is most likely around 13-14.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Marco: You need to stop worrying about what happened with Craig and take a chance...I'm sorry you needed to hear that.
      Manny: And you need to get over yourself! (Manny walks away)

    • Manny: You're a rebound.
      Spinner: It doesn't mean anything.
      Manny: It means everything, rebounds never work out. We should end it now before anyone gets hurt. (Spinner has a sad look, then Chester walks in)
      Chester: You wanted some punch.
      Spinner: She doesn't know what she wants. (Spinner leaves)

    • Manny: Do you love this song? I love this song!
      Chester: It's a bit Brittney but sure. (Manny starts dancing atrociously and others start to stare and laugh)
      Chester: Maybe we should dance some other time.

    • Manny: Oh my God, this is my favorite song ever.
      Spinner: Oh my God, my ears are bleeding.
      Manny: Liar! Liar friend!
      Spinner: Friend? You girlfriend, me boyfriend?

    • Ms. Hatzilakos: Where's Paige?
      Manny: I'm Paige for the time being.
      Ms Hatzilakos: Oh I see...

    • Manny: (hits Marco in the arm) I was supposed to get Chester! Not Danny!
      Marco: First of all, ow! And second, I didn't pair you with Danny, the computer did.

    • Paige: (to Matt) You either like me, or you don't! (Matt grabs Paige and kisses her when Manny walks in)
      Manny: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

    • Manny: I got Danny?!
      Danny: Manuella!
      Manny: I used to babysit you.
      Danny: So, let's take it to the next level! (winks at her)

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode marks the last appearence of Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch). However, he remains in the credits for the remainder of the season.

    • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), Daniel Clark (Sean), Ryan Cooley (J.T.), Stacey Farber (Elllie), Jake Goldsbie (Toby), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy),  Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Pat Mastroianni (Joey), Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), Stacie Mistysyn (Cailtin), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode.