Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 7

Basketball Diaries

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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Jimmy is desperate to make the basketball team, but with all the practicing, his schoolwork is suffering. He finally catches up on his schoolwork but is too tired play a good game. To ensure he makes the cut, he convinces Spinner to skip a Ritalin pill and give it to him, to give him an energy boost, but the consequences are disastrous for both of them. Liberty wants to do the announcements, instead of just write them, and begs Ashley to let her, but the job is much harder than she thought.


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  • Jimmy feels pressure to play well on the basketball team.

    "Basketball Diaries" is a good episode. Jimmy is definitely not my favourite character, so he's not the reason I give this episode a good score. Ilike this episode because it deals with a couple of issues. First it deals with Spinner have ADD or ADHD and that he needs to take Ritalin pills. This episode gives great character background on Spinner and how he got his nickname. Spinner is the main reason I love this episode. I love how he gives his pills to Jimmy to enhance Jimmy's performance in basketball. I love how Spinner goes all crazy. I also love Liberty's plot in this episode. I love how she writes all of Ashley's annoucements yet she gets no credit. I love how Ashley helps her not to be nervous on camera so Liberty can do the annoucements once in awhile I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
  • Jimmy & Liberty plots

    In this episode, Jimmy wants to make the basketball team, but he's failing his English class and he's worried, because the coach is planning to make cuts to the team soon. So he borrows Spinner's ritalin (blah) to help him get hyper enough to play well. Also, Liberty is sick of Ashley taking credit for everything she writes on the news, and demands to have a moment in the spotlight. Both plots were good, although I liked Jimmy's better, and I also liked how Spinner was acting without his meds. I think Jimmy deserved to get cut for the way he almost broke Sean's leg. An great episode of a show I'm slowly beginning to love: Degrassi. 10/10 A+moreless
  • Nice

    Jimmy wants to make the basketball team ,but his English grade is suffering because he does not have time for both sports and school. He needs an energy boost, and Spinner offers him a Ritalin. He takes it and is energized for the game that will determine if he is on the team. But, he isn't being a good team player so he does not make it, even though he scored a lot.

    A good episode, Spinner was pretty good in it, and I liked Jimmy not making the team because I do not think he should've. Overall grade- A+moreless
  • Insane, Crazy, Intense, It all ends to be funny!

    Great! Great! Great! I love the fact that You get t find out why Spinner has the nickname Spinner! Also, I love how Jimmy thinks he needs a boost. I honestly think Spinner was retarded for giving up his ritalin Pill to Jimmy cause Jimmy asked to. It all ended horribly for both. The fact that Spinner mooned the crowd was icing on the cake to the fact that now he has to be seen taking his pill by Mr. Raditchs assistant. & Jimmy was insane. He was totally beasting in the game because of the ritalin but it ended awful when Sean almost broke his ankle and Jimmy didn't make the team!

    Great and hectic Episode!moreless
  • A slightly-unrealistic depiction of what happens when Spinner forgets to take his necessary prescription and Jimmy takes an unnecessary one.

    Basketball Diaries, but not exactly the Kalvert-directed Dicaprio classic. Jimmy needs to step up his game in basketball and finds himself slipping with both Kwan in English and with Armstrong in basketball. This episode happens before Jimmy is depicted as a huge athletic star, apparently, considering Armstrong needs to make cuts and Jimmy is, like, worried. Sure. So anyway, in order to catch up with english, he stays up late to finish a paper about Lord of the Flies and then the next day he manages to score one of Spinner's Ritalins that he happens to be prescribed to. He believes taking this will help him stay away, and help his game. It does for a minute, then he starts to get super-possessive of the ball, and a little too over-the-top energetic. He manages to knock of Sean and there starts the long-term feud between the two of them that went on to last until the end of season two whence the interaction between them stopped completely. Spinner without his meds means mooning the whole gymnasium of kids that look like they're in the third grade making it that much more perverted. There's a lame sub-plot involving Liberty and Ashley and the morning announcements. You probably remember that thing she did to her face when she didn't think that she was live to the whole school. That's most memorable. Oh and Terri being a biatch talking smack about Liberty. But anyway, in the end this episode wasn't terrible for a season one episode the only real problem I ran into was the consistency factor. Jimmy *would* not have taken anything to "change his mental state" in any other season. His character just isn't like that but hey the writers were experimenting.moreless
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