Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 2

Boom Boom Pow, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 18, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • I love the Sav and Keke plot, and here are my words about Vince.

    *I wish I can meet a celebrity like Keke Palmer. :-)

    *After accidentally killing her ex-boyfriend out of self-defense, Drew and Bianca are being held under threat by a notorious gang leader named Vince Bell (who Zig and Tiny are working for right now. Arguably served as the series' main or recurring villain, Vince is very manipulative and vicious. He is one of the several characters on the show who played a lead antagonist role on each episode and/or season, the others include: Jay Hogart, Rick Murray, Johnny DiMarco, Drake Lempkey, Bobby Beconridge, Leo, Zoe Rivas, Luke Baker and Miles Hollingsworth II.

    One of the most intense Degrassi episodes ever made.
  • part 2

    We got a real ground-breaking episode of Degrassi here, something I'm sure us Degrassi fans have been waiting too watch for a long time. Even though I found the ending a bit predictable (we all knew Drew wasn't going to shoot anyone), it was still an emotionally-charged scene.

    Looking forward to the future dynamics this will bring to the show. Last year it was domestic abuse, this year, it's murder. You can definitely tell Degrassi is getting darker. The Keke & Sav stuff was as uneventful as the last episode. Does this amount to anything, really? Not likely.

    The Fiona & Charlie story line was supposed to be nice, but it kind of annoyed me tonight. I have a feeling this relationship will be put on the fore front, and I'm sure no one wants that. Great action-packed premiere.
  • Bianca and Drew don't know what to do when Anson is found dead. Fiona and Charlie get a bit romantic. Sav meets Keke Palmer.

    "Boom Boom Pow: Spring Fever" part 2 is a phenomenal Degrassi episode. This episode is just as intense or even more intense than part 1. I love how Bianca killed Anson out of self defense to save Drew. I love how this episode gets more and more intense with Drew feeling really guilty, then getting involved with gang members who wants Drew to prove himself, so they'll leave him and Bianca alone. I love the end of the episode where Drew tells Dave's father everything that happened, but instead he says he's the one who killed Anson to protect Bianca, since Bianca already has criminal record. I love the "B" plot with Fiona and Charlie kissing, but then Fiona realizes she wants to take things slow and be friends first. I actually enjoyed the "C" plot with Sav meeting Keke Palmer and she gets him out of his depression. I give this episode a 10/10.