Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 10 Episode 3

Breakaway, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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Declan has a hard time believing Fiona at first, especially when she puts on make up to make her bruise look even worse than it is. He soon realizes she is telling the truth, and tells her to press charges. Unable to deal with everything going on, she goes back to Toronto. Holly J.'s plan backfires when Sav's popularity rises due to everyone thinking Anya is pregnant. Jenna overhears Clare and Alli talking about Clare having eye surgery, and thinks she meant breast implant surgery.


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  • 1003

    Anya is undergoing a major change in her character, she has definitely become more sinister, and you can see it! I've seen this since season 9, and I'm pretty sure I'm liking this change. Meanwhile Holly J is slowly but surely regressing to her old ways.

    Which is also great with plot, because like I said in earlier reviews, Holly J in season 9 was uninteresting, this season their making all the characters interesting including Holly J and Anya. Sav finds out about the fake pregnancy, but stays with Anya surprisingly. Sav starts to use it to help win the campaign, which he eventually does.

    Holly J continues to fall down that power ladder, and it's nice that we get to see get her knocked down a few pegs, especially since we get to see the repercussions later. So Sav wins: Presidency storyline over, well executed in ALL aspects. Fiona runs away from New York to Degrassi, scared of Bobby, and afraid of being the crazy girl again.

    I love Fiona's character from now on. The fact that she's unstable just makes her all the more interesting. All the characters have been transformed in to dynamic characters! There's a possibility that Fiona might stay at Degrassi.

    Hands down to one of the funniest plots in Degrassi history, a lot of miscommunication. Jenna misunderstands that Clare is getting a boob job, when really all she's doing is getting her eyes fixed. It definitely got KC's interest. I'm so glad that Jenna is getting her just desserts for doing that to Clare.

    I also love that this plot will continue! All the plots are left up in the air and are set to continue in future episodes. Which I love! Arcs are the best, and so is this episode.moreless
  • perfect

    holly j and sav have a debate and the winner of the presidency election is revealed, as jenna tells everyone that clare is getting a boob job, when in fact she is getting work done on her eyes.

    the boob plot was funny, i can't believe everyone believed jenna about that, in fact, the sub plot is the main reason why my grade is an A+, i really liked it, a long with the main plot, overall both clicked nicely and i enjoyed the episode a whole lot and so my grade for this, as already mentioned, is an A+moreless
  • Fiona runs away to Degrassi to get away from her dramatic life in New York. The whole school thinks Anya is pregnant. The school election is held. Jenna misunderstands the surgery Clare is going to get.moreless

    Another Amazing Episode! I love how Fiona finally told Declan. I can't believe Declan didn't believe her at first. But I'm glad Holly J. convinced him to believe her. I'm glad Fiona ran away to Degrassi. I really want her and Declan to return to Degrassi. I really like the scene where Fiona's mom believes Fiona and that she wants to press charges. I love how Holly J. blogged to the school that Sav got Anya pregnant to get Sav to lose the election. I was hoping that Anya would continue to lie to Sav about being pregnant. But if she's going to continue to lie to the school aboing being pregnant and that means having to still fake a miscarriage than that's fine with me. I can't believe Sav won the election. I really wanted Holly J. to win. I love this new issue with Laser Eye Surgery. I love how Clare is getting laser eye surgery. It's a great issue to be dealt with. I can't believe everyone thinks that Clare is getting a boob job. It was actually funny to hear Clare and Jenna talk about surgery and how they both think they are talking about the same thing but they aren't. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • this is the best show

    this is the best show ever.eah its a REALLYY good show:D it tells u what teens through and has drama thats very entertaining:) and my favorite character is probably... jane cause like shes cool and i can relate to her cause i was on a football team and the boys would tease me but my friend told me to be strong and if i really wanted this i would ignore them and just play good and that way they can know that im worth it. but yeah this is about degrassi not me oh and check out degrassi of the dead(on youtube) degrassi:curse of degrass(youtube) DEGRASSI GOES TO HOLLYWOOD(comes out on august the 1st?..i think LMAO:O tv) thier good too:) but yeah overall its my favorite show(so is thats so 70's show,gorge lopez,and 6teen)moreless
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