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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 10 Episode 4

Breakaway, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 22, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Breakaway, Part Two

Holly J. is desperate to go to Yale, but money is tight for her. After Fiona shares her banking info with her, Holly J. decides to steal money to pay for an S.A.T. prep course. Sav promises that this time, the relationship will be different, but when his mom comes home, with Anya there, he can't be honest, and Anya, again, breaks up with him. Clare finds out that everyone thinks she got breast implants, and decides to get Jenna back.


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  • perfect

    holly j steals money from fiona. what will happen to the girls' friendship when this is revealed? sav and anya break up because he once again, lies to his mom about why they were alone. clare finds out about the rumors about her and c onfronts jenna about them.

    all three plots were great, the clare one was funny to me, because... it's like, are all the people THAT ignorant? All her classmates? It made me laugh. Hard. The rest of the episode was pretty good too, and so my grade for this is an A+ of course, simply perfectmoreless
  • Holly J steals from Fiona.

    So this show continues with it's arcs, and I'm glad they didn't drag on for too long considering all plots ended here, after a 4 episode arc of ongoing plots. In this episode Fiona transfers to Degrassi. Yay! She bonds with Holly J until Holly J steals from Fiona for an SAT prep class. Who in their right mind would pay 2000 dollars for an SAT prep class? Fiona eventually finds out that Holly J stole. In my opinion, Holly J seemed really pathetic in this episode, stealing because she's poor. Lets hope she doesn't steal from Declan. I don't think Fiona should have forgiven her so easily. If someone stole 2000 dollars from my account? I would be a little more upset than Fiona. It's back and forth with Sav and Anya. They keep on breaking up for the same reason, and it's getting tiresome. Clare's plot was hilarious, entertaining, and probably the best! I love how she's getting her payback on Jenna. She finds out about the rumor and publicly humiliates Jenna. Yay! And Eli is introduced as a new love interest for Clare. Looks like KC will be put on hold for a while. Great episode as usual. Still loving the format.moreless
  • Holly J. needs money to apply to university and Fiona is the only friend she knows that has that kind of money. Anya tells the school that she had a miscarriage. Clare wonders why people aren't noticing her without her glasses.moreless

    Great episode! Holly J. trying to get into college is actually a really good issue because many teenagers in grade 12 struggle to get into college. I can't believe Holly J. would still from Fiona's bank account. It made her plot a lot more interesting. I'm glad that Fiona stayed friends with Holly J. I'm so glad that Fiona is staying at Degrassi. I really like her character. I love the Sav and Anya plot. I'm so glad that Anya faked a miscarriage instead of telling the truth. Her character has become so naughty. I really think this might be the last time Anya and Sav will break up. Seriously I don't like how Sav can't stand up to his parents and tell the the truth. The Clare plot was entertaining as usual. I can't beleive that Wesley touched Clare's breasts. I love how Clare confronted Jenna about the boob job rumour and told her that she had laser eye surgery. I love the introduction of Eli driving up in his car running over Clare's glasses. It's interesting how he said Clare's glasses were died and that he noticed her eyes. I can't wait to see what this character is all about. I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless
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