Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 35

Can't Tell Me Nothing, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Katie continues to steal her mom's pain medication. Tristan's upset with Tori and Zig's change to their song. Jenna writes a song about KC.

    The A plot with Katie was a little disappointing with how things played out. I'm glad that she didn't make the team but I would have liked to have her fall down when she was actually playing and not before. Also, what bothered me was Drew and Marisol encouraging Katie to abuse the pain-killing drugs. However, the highlight I would say was when she operated heavy machinery because she got detention for two weeks. Some president she is. Also, the moment when Fiona barged in and told off Marisol and Katie was awesome. The ending did make me ponder if Katie will have a never-ending drug addiction.

    The B plot with Tristan was amazing. I have to say that I like that the writers are making use of Tristan's character and this episode proves that. I liked how Tori and Zig tried to change Tristan's song into a rap instead since Zig thought the original was "campy". But if there was a great moment in this storyline it was the conversation between Tristan and Owen. I liked how Owen reminisced back when Tristan got a standing ovation because his brother threatened everyone. This really showed the brotherly love that these two have. As Owen said, "the world is full of sharks and unless you adapt you're going to get eaten alive". But anyway I liked how Tristan, Tori, and even Zig sang the original song in a hipper kind of way. I have a feeling these three are going to be good friends.

    The C plot with Jenna was one I had mixed feelings about again. The good part was that Jenna wrote a song about moving on which made her and KC be civil towards one another. The bad parts were the poem that KC wrote about the evil "Grenna". I guess he could not have come up with a better name. The other bad part was Jake trying to give Jenna advice on her song choice because he is not one to give a lecture on relationship troubles. I also hated when he said to Jenna that she should write a song for Claire; as if things are awkward enough between you two, genius.

    Overall, this episode was okay but not great. The B plot was amazing while the other two were so-so. I give this episode a C.
  • Katie becomes dependent on painkillers. KC gets angry when he hears Jenna's new song. Tristan doesn't want to change his song for Zig and Tori.

    "Can't Tell Me Nothing" Part 2 was an amazing episode. I love how Katie slowly becomes addicted to codeine and she convinces her sister, Marisol, and Drew that she'll only take codeine before her tryouts. I love the scene where Katie is completely high and she's trying to use that machine. I love how intense this episode gets when Katie is at tryouts, she falls, and hears something snap. It's really sad that Katie's on crutches and didn't make the team. I love Jenna's plot of writing a meaningful song. I love how KC's poem about Jenna. I love how Jenna sang her song at Degrassi Coffee House. I love how KC realized that Jenna needs to deal with their breakup and giving the baby up for adoption on her own time. I love how this episode gave them closure. I love how Tori and Zig are totally embarrassed by Tristan's song. It was so cute when Owen walked by to talk to Tristan and give him advice. I love how Tori and Zig decided to join Tristan and saved his song. I give this episode a 9/10.
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