Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 11

Causing a Commotion

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Season 8, Episode 11.

    Connor annoys Alli during detention, and the breaks his pencil, resulting in him pushing her and getting expelled. However, he is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, and The Shep refuses to give him special treatment. Meanwhile, Sav and Anya are hanging out again, and she is finally invited to a family dinner. However, his parents make it very clear that Sav will marry someone else, and he doesn't know if Anya will stick with him.

    This was a typical season 8 episode of Degrassi. I miss the old cast. First off, Alli cannot act for her life. Her character should be killed in a car accident or something. Now that's dramatic. Not her getting pushed. Anyway, I like some of the later editions like Peter, Mia, Jane, Anya, and Holly J, but they should really include the old cast in more. At least we still have Emma, Manny, Spinner, and Jay. A lot of the old cast left after their first year in college ended (season 7). Anyway, decent episode. Not the best storylines, and the Sav/Anya thing is getting tiring. Connor just annoys me. He should be in the car with Alli and be paralyzed or something. Just as long as he can't talk. Anyway, Degrassi has had better episodes.
  • There's something wrong with Connor, Clare wants to be nosy, Allie gets pushed and The "Shep" says something that he shouldn't have said.

    This episode should be renamed to, "Causing More Reasons for Me Not to Watch This Show"! At some point and time this show was amazingly good and honest, but now the storylines aren't being told like they once were. In the past seasons, the show had a "take it or leave it" vibe when it came to telling their stories. They were real and weren't as redundant as most teen dramas. Now that's what this show has been reduced to. I guess that's what happens when you cover almost every issue out there! I'm really hoping the 9th seasons won't be as bad as the past two have been.
  • The series is getting back on track! (I hope.)

    Shep finds out that the is being awarded Principal of the Year and he is busy working on his tribute video.

    Conner begins to have behavior problems and they get scary when he pushes Alli down during detention. Turns out that he has Asperger's and Claire tries to get him back into Degrassi. Shep ignores her and when she stands up for him, he calls her a **** It is recorded and it is shown to the whole school while Shep is accepting his Principal of the Year Award. The students demand that he be fired but he ends to taking a suspension.

    Sav and Anya get back together after he stands up for them to his parents.

    I do wish that they would have shown Mr. Simpson more personally in the episode. He is Conner's god father.

    Overall, the best written episode in a long time.
  • Connor (you may want to skip his storyline) has aperger syndrome. Clare protests. Sav and Anya, Will they get back together?

    This episode of Degrassi wasn't too bad. I'm going to go on a rant about how much I hate Connor. I'm disgusted that he would spit at a girl and then push here. What I also hate is Aj Saudins acting skills. They are really lacking. He should take more acting classes. I like that they did something new and gave someone Asperger Syndrome. I don't think they've dealt with that type autism before or that they've ever dealt with autism. Clare was great in this episode. I'm hoping that she doesn't go into protesting like Emma did, but this episode was pretty good. My favourite scene was when Shep called Clare a b!tch. I don't think I ever heard a swear on Degrassi before. And then they showed that video to everyone was AWESOME! I'm hoping after the Shep is done with the workshops his going to that he doesn;t come back to Degrassi. I'm so glad that Mr.Simpson is filling in as principal. I don't like the whole Sav and Anya thing. I don't like the character Sav at all. I wish we could have seen Sav stand up for Anya. And maybe they could jump the shark a little and the parents kick Sav out. I give this episode a 8.5/10 just because the Shep called Clare a b!tch.
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