Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 9 Episode 4

Close to Me

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2009 on Much Music
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Jane loves Spinner but when the gorgeous new boy flirts, Jane keeps her distant and would never fall prey... would she?

K.C.'s new coach finally lets him play in a game. But when KC makes a mistake the coach freaks and KC sees it as a sign that he shouldn't be on the basketball team. Will he quit the team?


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  • Jane falls for the new guy in a bad time: when Spinner asks her to move into his new loft. KC gets upset when he messes up in a basketball game.moreless

    This episode is the downfall of Jane's character, which is the explanation of my low rating for this episode. The episode wasn't poor quality, I just hate how Jane is treating Spinner after all he has done for her over the whole time they have been boyfriend and girlfriend - including encouraging her on while she was just starting football at Degrassi; it also was kind of dumb of her not to show any appreciation for Spinner during a speech she spoke in the Season 8 episode, "Lost In Love". But Spinner is grateful that Jane just says that she doesn't want to move in with him instead of breaking up with him. To me, if I were Spinner, I'd be suspicious of the new-kid Declan. Of course, I've watched the episode and seen what Jane and Declan were doing, and Spin wasn't. But I mean, he has to think Jane and Declan might be spending too much time together, somewhat.

    The subplot is KC's adventures of being on the basketball team, and getting frustrated in a game where he has a lot of turnovers and gets frustrated. He lets his anger get the best of him and destroys the locker room during the game. To me, it was kind of stupid. I understand how he thinks he has to prove himself to the older high school students; but everybody has bad games. He shouldn't get all upset over one night. According to Connor, they still have the playoffs to look forward to.moreless
  • Jane is falling for Declan. KC gets upset after making the wrong move in a basketball game.

    Awesome episode. In my opinion, "Close to Me" is better than "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'". There was a lot more drama. We totally have a Freshman Take Your Kids To Work Day at my school. I love that day because there's more room to sit in the cafeteria. I loved seeing Manny and Jay in this episode. Yay for Spinner getting new apartment. And yay for Jane being the lead singer of Studz. I love the drama that Jane goes through as she's falling in love with another guy. I love the ending of the episode where it looked like she was breaking up with Spinner, but she didn't. KC B-Plot was very interesting. KC used to be my least favourite character, but Sam Earle who plays KC, really improved as an actor. I am going to predict that KC will be diagnosed with Bipolar this season. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Despite being in the opening credits, this is the only episode of the season that Manny appears outside the movie

    • This is the first time ever Manny has appeared in an episode without Emma. Every other time Manny was seen in the series, it was always with Emma. It is also the exact opposite situation from Season 4's "Time Stands Still", where in that episode, Emma appeared and Manny did not.

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    • Annie Clark (Fiona), Argiris Karras (Riley), Jajube Mandiela (Chantay), Jessica Tyler (Jenna), Jordan Hudyma (Blue), Judy Jiao (Liea), Melinda Shankar (Alli), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Natty Zavitz (Bruce), Scott Paterson (Johnny) and Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson), do not appear in this episode.